Ok the recipe name sounds a bit strange, isn’t it? Yes that’s true; I want to say this recipe is a copy cat recipe from Chef Duminda. Even it is a copy cat recipe; I like to share it with the person who shared this recipe with us.

He is Chef Duminda Abaysiriwardena, a popular chef in Sri Lanka. All big fans of food programmes in Sri Lankan TV channels know him better. Hotel Bolgoda Park is really lucky to have his service with them.
I have become a fan of him via you tube videos & his web site.
Also via his facebook fan page –Cook with Chef Duminda
He is not only a chef, but also a nature lover.If you visit to his web site,you can see some of his travel programmes.
Thanks dear chef for your serving to mother Sri Lanka.

Now I am eagerly waiting to taste some of his food in my next trip to Sri Lanka….

 Friends,Check his web site for more recipes.
This recipe is bit special for me because really it made me surprise.
Normally I write my posts too short, but today I want to share that story with you all too.

‘’Normally Friday is the day I like to finish all my fresh ingredients in the fridge because Saturday is the day I go to market and I always try to not to waste food.
About 2 weeks ago, another Friday I checked my fridge. Do you know what was in? A brinjal & half of a tofu package with some other ingredients. Oops how to match Brinjal & tofu for a dinner? Cook something or Going out for dinner? I was thinking & just checked over web for a recipe, my habit as always.
I was really really surprised, it was my first search & Chef Duminda has shared a new recipe with Tofu & Brinjal as main ingredients. Instead of bell pepper I had some chili in both red & green.’’ Is this not a real surprise???

Check here for the original recipe from him.

Here is my copy cat version with some changes in ingredients
Ingredients: (for about 2 servings)
Tofu -about half of a package
1 small size Brinjal/egg plant
1 medium size onion
1 leaf of a lettuce
Few leaves of spring onion
Bell pepper in 2 colors (instead I used red & green fresh chili)
Any cooking oil to fry
3 tsp sesame oil or olive oil (I used sesame oil)
Salt & pepper to taste
1 tspn sesame seeds (optional)

Slice Brinjal & deep fry.
Cut tofu into cubes.(Tip: before cut, cover it with a paper towel & leave it few minutes. All the liquid will be absorbed to the towel)
Deep fry Tofu, keep aside.

Meanwhile, slice the onion.
Just roughly cut the lettuce using hand.
Slice bell pepper/ chili 
Also just cut the spring onion.
Now all ingredients are ready.
Chef instructions: to keep the freshness & taste, better mix the salad when you are ready to eat.

 When you are ready to serve,
Mix all deep fried tofu, brinjal & other ingredients together with sesame oil or olive oil
Add a pinch of salt & also pepper to taste.
Toss some sesame seeds on salad (optional)

Salad is ready to serve!!!
It was really tasty.
While thanking to Chef Duminda,I am sharing this recipe with my new event Love your Food- Don’t waste it  because this is a good salad recipe to use leftover  vegetables.