Are you using Paleo diet guidelines and following Paleo recipes but having trouble in maintaining the flavour of Paleo soups? Here are some quick and easy tips and tricks to add perfectness to your soups.
  • Be sure about the great quality of your stock:
One of the most basic and essential parts of paleo soups is the stock. If the quality of stock is low and one compromises on it, the dish is destroyed. To get a perfect paleo soup, you must consider the quality as well as the source of stock. An easy and quick way to minimize this issue is to go for a homemade stock. Another option is to find a good super store/mart where you can get canned stock.
  • Adding Protein is a must!
Paleo soupwithout protein is like a guitar without strings. According to Paleo guidelines, while on diet you must not omit proteins in your meals. To have a balanced meal, if your soup does not contain any protein then add one or two of these: chicken-either grilled or boiled, boiled and grated fish, grilled turkey, seasoned and baked ham, grilled beef, eggs, etc.
  • Use it for breakfast:
It is a common practice to use soups during lunch or dinner. People do not usually go for soups in breakfasts, but why not? A perfectly made Paleo soup contains all the healthy elements that you require at breakfast. So enjoy it at breakfast as you do at lunch or dinner. 
  • Timing of ingredients:
Adding up ingredients at proper timing is vital not only for Paleo soups but also for any dish. Chopped fresh herbs (e.g. parsley, lemon shrubs, basil etc.) should always be added at the end or even before serving. Whereas winter dried herbs like rosemary, thyme etc. should be added at the beginning. 
  • Texture of ingredients:
Make your raw ingredients interesting by adding some texture to them. You can bake them a little, or grill or leave in direct slow flame, add nuts and seeds, make crunchy by heating and crushing etc. 
  • Utilize bone broth:
Do not throw away the residual bone broth as it is one of the nutritious elements to boost your Paleo soup.
Adding salt at the start is always tricky and at times very troublesome. You might end up having a salty soup if you add salt at the beginning, as the fluid reduces and accompanying ingredients might also contain some salt. Taste the soup when ready and add salt at the end to get the desired flavour. 


  • Have some spice:
There are hundreds of spices used in everyday cooking and the good news is no spice is prohibited in paleo diets. Using spices in paleo soups is tricky as well as full of pleasure. You should first try the intensity and spark of a particular spice intended to be used and then add it into your soups. Addition of spices would bring unique and exciting flavours to the usual paleo soups.