Cheesy Crackers Appetizer

Cheesy Crackers Appetizer

I am here again with an easy appetizer. December is usually festive. Whole month is filled with different events and celebrations, planning and attending numerous parties and so on. Even at home, we feel like having some special food. So, here is a simple idea from me.

If you look for healthy appetizer, you can try this as there is no oil included for preparation. Also, having a small piece of cheese won’t harm you.

In a lazy evening I prepared this easy finger food with some savoury cracker and cheese slices. Also I used some mixed vegetables and cheesy dressing.

I hope this is a good and easy finger food suggestion for a family gathering or a work function.

Cheesy Crackers Appetizer

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients (For 10 biscuit appetizers)

10 savoury crackers
10 small Cheese slices cut into the size of the crackers
1 tspn grated carrot
1 green chilly sliced
1 tspn chopped onion
Parsley leaves as required
Cheesy dip prepared as per the recipe here
Salt as required

In a bowl, mix carrot, green chili and onion. Add a dash of salt.
Place crackers in a plate.
Lay a slice of cheese on top of the crackers.
Then place a tea spoon of the vegetable mix on top of cheese slices.
Add a teaspoon of cheesy dip too.
Garnish with a parsley leaf.
It is ready to serve.

Do you like quick appetizers like this?