Bitter gourd is a healthy vegetable, but most of us don’t like it because of its bitter taste. Anyway I am a bitter gourd lover. This is a simple recipe and this is how we prepare bitter gourd as a salad. May be it is not with full of nutrients as it is a deep fried recipe, but it is tasty & good for those who don’t like the bitter taste much. Because, this is less bitter after deep fried.
Here is the bitter gourd salad recipe from Sri Lanka.
Ingredients: (2 -3 servings)
2-3 Bitter gourds
1 medium size onion
2 green chili or to taste
Salt to taste
1 tsp lime juice
Oil to fry
Wash & slice bitter gourd. Add the slices to salt water. After sliced all, wash & squeeze in salt water. This is to remove some bitter taste.
Deep fry the bitter gourd.
Meanwhile, slice onion & green chili.
Mix deep fried bitter gourd, onion & green chili. Add salt taste. Mix well with lime juice.
Mix the salad just before the meal to keep some crispiness & freshness.
Tip: Normally I deep fry more bitter gourd, drain oil in a tissue, Pack in an air tight container & keep in the fridge. So I can use it in a salad time to time. I do this to save some time & to have a good meal during the office days. :))

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