Today I am at home. But feel bit tired & sleepy. I have started my studies again after about 8 years. Lessons are interesting, but  I feel tired after attending classes during night. These days I don’t cook much because I cannot find time with office work & with studies. Today my hubby is working & I have to cook for myself only & I am a pasta lover.

I was checking some blog posts & found this Lemony Cooked Ziti Pasta recipe.How can I control myself? Now I am craving for pasta.Her recipe looks so delicious.Anyway I didn’t have all the ingredients as per her recipe.I had spiral pasta in my pantry & some veggies.

So I could taste pasta & my recipe is not same as the original recipe I refered.But mine was tastier too. 🙂

Thanks Wit,Wok & Wisdom for the delicious recipe idea.

Here is my recipe,
Ingredients: (2-3 servings)
Pasta 250g
Green pepper (I used 2 green chili)
Red pepper (instead I used one red chili)
Spring onion leaves
Sliced 1 onion
Handful of cauliflower florests
Mushroom sliced (I used oyster mushroom)
Shredded Mozerella cheese 2 tbspn
Butter 2 tspn
1 Garlic chopped
1 tbspn black pepper sauce
1 tbspn lemon juice
1 tbspn olive oil
Salt to taste
Cook pasta according to package details.After cooked,drain it & mix with some butter to avoid it getting  dry.Keep aside.
Heat butter in a pan,once it is hot add garlic.saute for few minutes.Then add sliced onion.When it is tender,add cauliflower.Mix well.Then add chili,spring onion & mushroom.Mix.
Now add cooked pasta to the vege mixture & mix well.Use a very low flame to cook.
Add shredded cheese on top of pasta & allow to melt in low flame.
Meanwhile,mix the ingredients under seasoning.
Once the cheese is melted,mix the pasta well.Then add this to the seasoning.
It is ready to serve.
Enjoy this cheesy pasta while it is hot.
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