My Matcha Tea, where is yours?

Don’t worry, I am not asking about the Matcha Tea brand you use at your home, instead I want to introduce a premium quality matcha tea brand with my own experience of tasting it at my home.

My Matcha Tea is my latest finding of tea and those who follow this blog regularly know that I am a tea lover and I love to try different tea tastes. However, so far I didn’t share any Matcha tea review in this blog, so I am really happy to introduce My Matcha Tea which is Australia’s premier tea shop where you can buy premium quality Matcha tea for really great price.

Before introducing My Matcha Tea, let me ask you a question? Do you love Matcha tea? Do you like it simply because of the taste or because of health benefits? If it is due to health benefits, then you should know the amazing benefits of drinking matcha tea. Otherwise, here are some benefits of drinking matcha tea for a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Matcha Tea

My Matcha Tea - Matcha Green Tea Review

My Matcha Tea – Matcha Green Tea Review

As a part of Japanese tea culture, matcha tea is produced using the young leaves of tea plants which are rich in nutrients. This is the reason behind for the great healthy benefits of matcha tea for anyone who likes to spend a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of matcha tea include of boosting metabolism and ability to burn the extra calories.

Matcha tea is rich with antioxidants and it also has the ability of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Increased energy level with calm and relax mind are some of other benefits of having matcha tea. If you are looking for losing weight, drinking matcha tea is one of the great ways to burn your extra calories.

How to make a cup of Matcha tea?

This is the start of calming both your mind and body. Don’t panic and don’t think too much about the tea making equipment and steps.

My Matcha Tea - Matcha Green Tea Review

My Matcha Tea – Matcha Green Tea Review

Well, I don’t have the special equipment for making a cup of matcha tea such as bamboo tea spoon and a bamboo whisk. However if you make your tea in below directions, you can easily make a tasting cup of matcha green tea to calm and soothe yourself.

Use hot water just below the boiling level for better results.

First, rinse your cup using hot water. This step will assure you to have a high quality premium tasting warm cup of matcha tea.

Then sift 1 or 2 tspn matcha tea into your cup. I actually used 1 tspn of matcha tea as I like smooth taste.

Add hot water gradually and whisk in zig zag motion until the tea is mixed well. If you don’t have a whisk, don’t worry. Just use your tea spoon and mix properly.

A warm cup of matcha tea is ready to taste.

My Matcha Tea Review and my experience of tasting matcha tea from Australia’s premier tea shop

I received a sample pack of My Matcha Tea Premium Blend in order to taste and experience the real taste of matcha tea before writing this review.

I want to mention that their packaging is really attractive and gives the feeling of having really organic and nature friendly cup of matcha tea even before I try it.

My Matcha Tea - Matcha Green Tea Review

My Matcha Tea -Premium Ceremonial Blend

The premium ceremonial grade My Matcha tea pack comes with Japanese green tea powder which is a unique mix of green tea leaves from Japan. My Matcha tea keeps its quality by using hand-picked green tea leaves with nothing extra added.

 I used 1 tspn of My matcha tea powder to make my cup of tea and it really came out well.

The taste was good and I could enjoy my cup of matcha tea while relaxing at home. I didn’t add any sweetener; instead I wanted to enjoy the pure taste of a cup of matcha tea zipping it slowly taking my time.

My Matcha Tea - Matcha Green Tea Review

My Matcha Tea – Matcha Green Tea Review

Overall, my experience with My Matcha Tea Premium Blend is good and I am satisfied with this tea brand.

My son who is nearly 3 years old also showed interest in matcha tea. Instead of giving him pure matcha tea, we together prepared some matcha tea popsicles which includes other ingredients such as yogurt and banana.

Matcha Green Tea recipes

Matcha Tea, Banana and yogurt Popsicles using My Matcha Tea Premium Ceremonial Blend

I will share my kids friendly matcha tea Popsicle recipe soon. Till that, have a look into and read more details of this My Matcha Tea Premium Blend and other matcha tea products.

Enjoy your cup of Matcha tea!

Do you like matcha tea? If so, please share your experience below.