Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats-My Cookbook with Blurb is just out!

By |November 23rd, 2015|

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I am so happy to share this good news about my cookbook ‘Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats’. Finally, it is published and available on Blurb Bookstore. Past few weeks I spent more time on creating this cookbook and I am so glad I could complete it with Blurb.
Publishing a cookbook is […]

Kathurumurunga Leaves Salad

By |November 19th, 2015|

Kathurumurunga is a popular green leaf in Sri Lankan cooking. Usually we eat Kathurumurunga leaves (Agati leaves) in a stir fry or as a mallum. Earlier I shared the recipe for kathurumurunga kola mallum. Now it is time to share another recipe with kathurumurunga.Anyway,do you like adding a ‘kola mallum’ or a ‘salada’ to your […]

Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

By |November 16th, 2015|

Kos ata (Jackfruit seeds) are another healthy and delicious ingredient for Sri Lankan cooking. We cook jackfruit seeds in different ways and you’ll find many different versions for Sri Lankan style jackfruit curry recipes. Kalu pol is another popular way to cook most vegetables. If you noticed, previously I shared pumpkin kalu pol curry. After […]

Which Casters Should You Buy?

By |November 11th, 2015|

Casters are everywhere in the world around us. Many people use some kind of cart that is equipped with casters on a daily basis. There are many different types of casters that are specifically designed for various tasks and environments. Therefore, it is important that you do some research to make sure you purchase the […]

Grapes and Orange Juice-Easy & Delicious

By |November 10th, 2015|

I had some grapes which were really not that fresh. Instead of eating it alone, I tried this grape and orange juice. Simply this is an awesome combination. The result is great and I really like the taste of grape and orange juice. It is bit sour and tangy and colourful with grape flavor.
For me […]

Teavivre Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong Chinese Red Black Tea

By |November 8th, 2015|

I am back with a Teavivre tea review. If you follow my blog you already know that I am a big fan of Teavivre tea. Yes, during the past few months I tried different teas from Teavivre, but due to lack of time I couldn’t post my reviews.

Anyway, I recently tried another tea from Teavivre. […]

Match Made in Heaven: The History of the Burger and Shake Combo

By |November 4th, 2015|

The burger and shake combo has become—well, as American as apple pie. We associate this classic pairing with a kind of wide-eyed, American Graffiti-styled nostalgia, but in truth it’s more than a signifier of vintage Americana, or of glory days gone by. Just head to the nearest Five Guys or Shake Shack on your next […]

Sri Lankan Dhal Curry with Green Chilli-Parippu Curry

By |November 2nd, 2015|

Parippu curry or dhal curry is one of the popular ways of cooking red lentils in Sri Lanka. Sometimes we cook it as a plain curry or even we cook parippu (dhal) mixed with drumstick leaves or spinach. If you check Sri Lankan recipes and cooking styles, there are many ways to cook dhal as […]

Pasta in Bell Pepper and Tomato Sauce

By |October 29th, 2015|

Have you tried Pasta in Bell Pepper and Tomato Sauce? I tried it and this is really flavorful with tastes of bell pepper. I used red bell pepper, so the pasta dish is colorful and inviting. I usually like to cook pasta in different recipes and this time I used penne pasta. But, you can […]

Easy Train Birthday Cake

By |October 21st, 2015|

This train Birthday cake is super easy and simple. It is absolutely a no bake cake. If you like to have a simple and easy train birthday cake for your kid’s birthday, then this train cake will give you some idea.
We celebrated our son’s 2nd Birthday and this time it was with the theme-train. He […]