Writing a food blog and maintaining it as a popular blog is not easier if you don’t share eye-catching food photography. However not all food bloggers are professional photographers. Is that something that can make you stopping from writing a food blog? No, that cannot be! Even I am not so smart with food photographing; however with some post editing work, I can have better images that can attract the visitors to my food blog.

Among the many techniques of editing my food photos including adjustment of brightness, cropping and improving sharpness of photos, I also remove the unwanted objects from the food photos. In this post I want to share the easiest way to remove unwanted objects from your food photos even without having software skills to edit photographs.

How to remove unwanted objects from your food photos

How to remove unwanted objects from your food photos?

Here is what I do in order to remove the objects from my food pictures.

Step 1

First you need to download the Wondershare Fotophire photo editing toolkit.

Step 2

Select Photo Eraser module and then import your photo to the Fotophire photo editing tool.

Step 3

At this step, you need to mark the unwanted object that you want to erase from your food photo.

For this post I used a photo that I need to remove some food stain.In above first photo (featured image),you will see a drop of food on the white plate which makes the photo looks ugly.I want to remove that from my final photo using this method to support the steps shared in this post.

How to remove unwanted objects from your food photos

Step 4

Use the photo eraser feature to remove the object easily.

Step 5

You’ve already removed the unwanted object from your food photo. Now it is time to do a touch up for your photo using a small brush or clone stamp from the photo editing toolkit. You can find the clone stamp from the side bar of the Wondershare  Fotophire photo editing tool kit. It is really easy to use the clone stamp and make the photo looks natural after removing the unwanted object.

How to remove unwanted objects from your food photos

Finally,save your photo.

Try removing the objects from your food photos and see how different those from your original captures. Removing unwanted objects from your food photography is really easy and it needs few minutes only. After removing the object, you can easily crop, resize and do other post editing such as adjusting brightness, sharpness and saturation in order to make it an attractive food photo.

How to remove unwanted objects from your food photos

Final photo after removing the food stain from the plate.

After these few photo editing steps, you can have really attractive food photos that can shine your blog. Actually nowadays I use my mobile phone to capture the food photos as I don’t have time to spend with a DSLR camera same as before. But, still I am confident on sharing my food preparations with the world as I do these post -editing work before sharing in any recipe post.

Now, it is your turn. Try removing unwanted objects from your photos as mentioned in this post in few easy steps. Make your food photos look clear and clean. In few weeks you will see the improvements in followers, shares and subscribers to your food blog!