Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America, and while it never quite went out of style, it’s made somewhat of a comeback in recent years. Maybe it’s just because of the exposure that people’s caffeine addictions get on the Internet, but coffee seems to be a bit of a buzzword lately. And, sometimes, when a regular roast isn’t good enough, people opt for coffee that’s flavored with syrups to mix things up a bit.

Below are the top five most popular coffee syrups or shots that Americans prefer to add to their brew.


Hazelnut is a flavor that complements the natural nuttiness of coffee. The flavor of hazelnut in coffee helps to create a new layer of depth in your cup, without being overpowering or too sweet for those with sensitive taste buds. Hazelnut also offers a flavor profile that’s just mild enough to perk up your regular brew without completely changing the coffee drinking experience. It also pairs well with other flavors, allowing for interesting and tasty combinations, such as Hazelnut Blueberry or Hazelnut and Vanilla.

French Vanilla

French Vanilla has been a favorite amongst coffee drinkers for a long time. The addition of French Vanilla to your morning cup introduces a sweet creaminess that you can’t get with cream and sugar. A little more robust and noticeable than hazelnut, French Vanilla is still a delicate enough flavor that it’s better used in light or medium roasts. A crowd favorite, there are many varieties of Keurig kcups that offer this flavor roasted right into the coffee grounds so that it’s already there when the coffee is brewed and ready to drink.


Sometimes considered the opposite of vanilla, chocolate is another wildly popular flavor. Two of the most habit forming tastes, chocolate and coffee, combine to make the flavor known as mocha, which is popular with young and old alike. A well-made mocha is a lot like hot chocolate with caffeine, which appeals to the sleepy adult that needs to kick-start their day, as well as their inner child who wishes they could just drink hot chocolate and play in the snow all day. If convenience is a concern, you can brew up one cup at a time with mocha-flavored kcups from Javafly.


Caramel and coffee is another match made in heaven. The sweet creaminess of caramel combines perfectly with the deep, bold flavor of a medium or dark roast. Because caramel is basically pure sugar, this is probably the sweetest on the list.

Pumpkin Spice

Every autumn, like clockwork, the pumpkin-flavored-everything craze hits. Pumpkin spice, while a seasonal favorite, is great for other times of the year as well. It introduces a mild sweetness, while the mix of spices adds extra dimension to your cup. Nothing says warm and cozy like caffeinated pumpkin pie in a mug.

With all of these flavors and more, coffee never has to be boring. In fact, you can enjoy a different flavor every day, whether you brew a single cup at a time or a whole pot.

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