Do you expect to see a tropical garden when you visit a zoo? Obviously we visit a zoo to see animals. But, in Singapore zoo, you will get a chance to see tropical crops and to enjoy walking along a garden with lot of vegetables and crops grown with lot of care and attention.

If you couldn’t read yet, I was sharing some photos and stories of our recent visit to the Singapore Zoo in my other blog. Just after the Wild Africa Zone, we could see this Tropical Crops zone and it was a walk through along a fragile forest.

With beautiful view of Seletar Reservoir, walking through the ‘Tropical Crops’ was a great experience for us and we could breathe fresh air with the touch of beautiful flowers, crops and huge green trees.

This garden is a great place especially for kids to learn about vegetables and plants. There are some plants which most of us are unable to see due to today’s lifestyle.Here is a photo walk through the garden with some of my favourite captures.


At the entrance we found these giant mangosteen fruits under the mangosteen tree. But these are not real fruits, instead these mangosteen were there to welcome us to the garden.

The pond is with giant leaves of lotus,interestingly we could see a plant of water chestnut.

Tropical-Crops-Singapore-Zoo-water-plantsWith each crop there is a signboard which shows the name of the crop and a little description. Here are some of things I’ve noted about these crops.

Water Chestnut-It is boiled with sugar cane to make a drink to reduce ‘heatiness’.

Water Chestnut

Water Chestnut

Dragon’s Tongue-Cultivated for its medicinal value. The leaves are used to treat cough and sore throat.


Dragon’s Tongue

We walked through the crops and it was a beautiful sight for us.


Tropical Crops-Singapore Zoo



Eggplant trees






Snake Gourd

Sweet Basil- Used in aromatherapy and as a therapy for coughs.


Sweet Basil

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Below is a capture of Yam Bean,Turnip.

Yam Bean,Turnip – Storage roots are used in ‘Rojak’,an Asian salad,and ‘Popiah'(spring roll).The poisonous seeds are used by fishermen to stun fish for easy capture.

Yam BeanThis Pomelo tree was another interesting sight inside the garden.Do you see some fruits in this tree?


Pomelo Tree


Grape Vineyard

Finally I found these ‘Ceylon Spinach’.


After looking at different crops which we usually by from supermarkets or from any wet market,we ended our trail in this ‘Tropical Crops’ Garden.Although there are more pictures remaining,I just want to make this post short with less pictures.May be,next time I will have another post about the ‘Tropical crops in Singapore Zoo’.

After this visit ,we next visited the Reinforest KidzWorld and it was a fun time for my son.Of course,it was a fun time for us too.

Do you have any photo story this week?If so,please share.

After few months of design changes of this blog,now I am back to update this seriously.If you followed this blog seriously,wait for latest posts.’Food Corner‘ will be updated regularly same as before.