Recently we spent a holiday in Sri Lanka and lucky enough to attend to a wedding of one of my cousins. The venue was Hotel Chaaya Tranz, Hikkaduwa. It was a decent & elegant wedding and a nice time for us as we could meet some of relatives and friends.
Today I thought of sharing some of the captures from the Buffet.
Truly the serving of the buffet was so classy with different varieties of dishes .Anyway, I am not going to review the food served for the lunch though it was a wonderful buffet lunch. Instead I’d like to share some interesting fruit carvings, garnishes and arrangements I noticed there.
Table decorations and the entrance

As of any other wedding, flowers played a major role in this wedding too .The entrance of the wedding hall was nicely decorated with off white flowers.
The table decorations were elegant there was a beautiful vase of flowers on every table. The table settings at the wedding reception were with attractive linens, cutlery and glassware which matched very well with the wedding’s style, theme and colors.
welcome drink
 This watermelon carving was a beautiful centerpiece among the food.
Watermelon Carving

Below is another fruit carving display.
These pickled vegetables were perfect as a centerpiece and gave an unique look for the buffet.


Here are some more carvings and centerpieces.

There was a huge ice carving,but I couldn’t capture that.We were bit tired and at that time,so  I was lazy to operate my camera.

Food served at wedding buffet

We enjoyed our time there.Not only the food garnishes,interior of this hotel was elegant and classic.But,instead of going here and there to capture moments,I decided to stay with others enjoying hearing family stories and gossips after a long time 🙂

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