Agar Agar With Coconut Milk

Agar-agar is another form of gelatin.It is a great way to create easy & colourful desserts. However Agar Agar has a firm texture when compared with jelly. Interesting fact is, it is derived from seaweed & considered as vegetarian. Any fruit or any flavour can be used with Agar Agar to make a delicious dessert. There are so many recipes & ideas.

Agar Agar dessert with Coconut Milk
Recently I received some Agar Agar samples from Marine Chemicals.(The largest Agar Agar Manufacturer of India). They agreed to sponsor few gifts for a contest. So, this few days I am going to post few Agar Agar recipes tried using  Meron Agar Agar from Marine Chemicals.

I will post a detailed Product Review of Meron Agar Agar with Contest details on December 15th.

Agar Agar wWith Coconut Milk dessert
Stay tuned & start looking  for Agar Agar recipes!! I am sure you all would like to participate with this contest. There will be few gifts for 5 winners! Make sure to stay in touch with Food Corner to get the details of Agar Agar Recipe contest sponsored by Marine Chemicals!

easy dessert-Agar Agar With Coconut Milk
Here is an easy & simple recipe using Meron Agar Agar.I spent maximum 30 minutes for preparing this dessert.Unfortunately,it was heavily raining here and I could not get a nice picture as lighting was a problem.
dessert-Agar Agar With Coconut Milk

Ingredients (For 2 serving cups)
3 tspn Agar agar powder (I used Meron Agar Agar from Marine Chemicals)
1 cup water
½ cup thick Coconut milk
3-4 tspn Sugar (or as per taste)
Few food colouring (Different colours of your choice)
Dissolve Agar Agar powder in water. Keep it aside for 10 minutes. After that drain it.
Boil water (which includes Agar Agar already) Keep stirring the agar agar liquid constantly.
Once it is boiling, add coconut milk. Mix well. Add sugar as per taste.
Take Agar Agar moulds. (I used 2 small moulds)
Pour 1 layer of plain Agar Agar mixture to the bottom of moulds. Allow it for setting.(Ref no 1 of the below picture)
Until the first layer is setting, keep the remaining Agar Agar in a bowl of hot water, and stir time to time. This will helps to avoid setting of remaining Agar Agar.
Once the first layer is set,
Divide the remaining plain Agar Agar into two. For 1 portion, add 1 drop of food colouring. I used red colour drop & could get a pink Agar Agar.Use this layer on top of Agar Agar moulds which already have a plain layer.Allow for setting.(Ref no 2 of below picture)
After it is set,use another colour with remaining Agar Agar and use on top of 2nd layer.Allow another 10-15 minutes for setting.I used yellow colour. (Ref no 3 of below picture)

After setting the 3rd layer,keep the Agar Agar moulds in refrigerator until ready for serve.
Remove from the moulds & serve. Garnish with some fruits as desired.
A simple & colourful Agar Agar dessert is ready in 30 minutes.
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