Mini Cake Bites

Mini Cake Bites


I loved making these mini cakes. I selected heart shape as it is almost near to Valentines Day. 

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Mini Cake Bites

The method was so simple. I decorated these on today morning for my brother & family (specially for my niece) as they will visit me today.I am excited & eagerly waiting to see them.Hope they will like these mini cakes.

Mini Cake Bites


Here is my recipe:

How to Make Mini Cake Bites?


1 cake recipe (I used a simple butter cake)

1 cup Buttercream icing for decorating
Glace Icing

Special equipment

Small heart shaped cookie cutters


First pre heat the oven & make the cake according to the recipe. I prepared a butter cake & shred the recipe here.

After the cake is done, allow to cool it completely for about 20 minutes. Then wrap with a plastic wrap & freeze for at least 1 hr.However I kept it in the freezer for about 1 day. This will make it easier to cut the cake.

 After 1 hr, take the cake out & remove the wrap.Then slice it.

Using a cookie cutter cut  small heart shaped pieces from the slices.

(While cutting to heart shapes, some of the parts have to be discarded. I used those discarded parts in cake pops)

Now heart shaped cakes are ready & need to decorate.

I used Glace icing to cover them.(mix 100g icing sugar (sifted) with about 15ml water,whisk well,add water slowly to the icing sugar until desired thickness is achieved)

Then decorated with some butter icing.

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