I am a coffee lover but not addicted. Specially I can’t resist the good aroma of it. Recently I received samples of Nuvia Cafe Instant Healthy Coffee for review purpose. However it is bit different from normal coffee. As Nuvia Café says, it is a ‘healthy coffee’.
Nuvia is Sumatran Arabica coffee infused with a trifecta of legendary ingredients; the extracts of 100% certified organic Ganoderma, African Mango Seed and Pomegranate. The Sumatran coffee beans are roasted to perfection yielding a superior flavor that is rustic, yet rich and full bodied.
Ganoderma,(an immune enhancer), African Mango,(a healthy ,natural appetite suppressant) and Pomegranate (a super antioxidant) are renown in recent clinical studies. News regarding their health benefits is the subject of wide spread media buzz. See for yourself the benefits of this amazing healthy coffee
I prepared it as plain coffee & also with creamer. At first I was bit curious of its taste as it is mentioned about some other ingredients such as mango, pomegranate in it. However I didn’t feel any odd taste. It is rich with coffee flavour & good aroma.I realy love it.
They offer ‘NuviaCafe Sample Starter’ with 5 Nuvia Sachets( 3.7g each)  only for $4.99  with FREE Shipping. It is worth trying.
Also they offer a box with 30 sachets in it.
If you like to purchase this healthy coffee & to check their products & information, check their website here.
Disclosure: I was provided with the products of above by Nuvia Instant Healthy Coffee.  However all comments, ideas, and opinions are my own true opinions.

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