This is a very simple recipe I used to cook, mostly when I am in rush. Anyway I am a spaghetti lover too.
On the other hand I like the taste of Black pepper sauce. So this is one of my easy & loving dishes when I cook for myself.
Ingredients: (2 portions)
Spaghetti enough for 2 servings
1 tbspn Black pepper sauce
Few spring leaves cut into pieces
1 tbspn oil
Water to cook spaghetti
Boil water
Add spaghetti & cook for about 10 minutes or according to the product details. Add some salt to the water while cooking
Once it is cooked, drain water, keep aside.
Heat 1 tbspn of oil in a pan.
Once it is hot,mix spaghetti.And add 1 tbspn black pepper sauce.If you like more spicy,add another spoon or add according to the taste.
Mix well.
Toss some spring leaves.
Switch off the flame & serve hot.
Anyway this is a dish I prepared to carry in meal box. It is so simple & easy to prepare within 15 minutes.