Coriander & Ginger Tea

In Sri Lanka we drink Ginger and Coriander tea aka inguru koththamalli as a herbal treatment for cough or common cold. Other than that we drink another herbal tea namely ‘Pas Panguwa’ which is a treatment for common cold, headache or body aches. Those are treatments as per indigenous Sri Lankan medicine and Ayurveda medicine. All most all Sri Lankans drink these types of herbal drinks as a cure or even as prevention before any ailments. This is like a family tradition and the recipes are handed down from generation to generation.

Whenever if someone visits us, they sure bring few herbal packs and even we buy those whenever we visit Sri Lanka. Therefore we have a good stock of herbal medicine at home. I know this is a habit of many Sri Lankans who lives in different countries.

Today I am going to share a good news especially for those who live in Australia. COGINT is a herbal product which contains coriander and ginger together with some other herbal ingredients. COGINT is a product of Australia and the product includes 12 herbal ingredients including Ginger and Coriander.

It is distributed by Durst Enterprise. If you are in Australia, it is easy to purchase online or from nearest Sri Lankan store.
COGINT-Coriander & Ginger Tea from Durst Enterprise

I received few sachet samples and could try it before posting this review.
Below are the ingredients of this tea.
Coriander,Ginger,Garlic,Dill Seeds,Pepper,Alpinia Galanga,Cummin,Solanum Melongena/Undatum,Coscinium Fenestratum,Ajwan,Cinnamon & Horseradish

If compare with ‘Pas Panguwa’ or even basic ‘Inguru Koththamali tea’, this COGINT is easy to prepare. Inside the sachet, all herbal blends are included as a powder. You will only need to add this powdered tea into hot boiling water.

Here is How to make a cup of Coriander Ginger tea with COGINT

Ingredients (for 2-3 drinks)

1 sachet of COGINT
1 tea spoon Bee Honey (optional)
300ml hot boiling water


Open the sachet & Empty the tea into a mug
Pour 300ml fresh boiling water
Cover & brew for 10-15 minutes.
Add 1 tea spoon Bee Honey if required (optional)
Stir and strain.
Sip 100-150ml warm.

Notes: Discard after 6 hours
Do not add or mix any other things

My review:
Preparation of this tea is super easier than traditional Ginger Coriander Tea.
A sachet gave a 2-3 portions of strong flavoured tea. (about 100ml each). However I added more water into a portion and dilute it as per my taste.

Taste is bit strong and could feel some spiciness. This can be due to the ingredients like pepper and cumin.

I am satisfied with the taste. It goes well with Sri Lankan taste.However, I want to mention that the taste is not the familiar ‘Pas panguwa’ taste. As per Durst Enterprise, they use 12 natural ingredients for this herbal blend and they prepare COGINT as per the exact recipe assuring that user gets the benefit of all 12 natural ingredients. Therefore we cannot compare this 12 ingredients herbal tea with usual ‘Ginger Coriander Tea’ or ‘Pas Panguwa’.

If you live in Australa, visit Durst Enterprise to buy COGINT online or for any other queries.
Or check the nearest Sri Lankan grocery. It is available to purchase.

I hope you’ll like this product and will not face the problem of buying lot of herbal tea from Sri Lanka and stock till the next visit same as I do.

Anyway, do you like Ginger Coriander tea? Have you tried this type of tea as a medicine for common cold or cough? What are the herbals you use in your country? Please share your thoughts.

Below is a small video clip I shared in you tube.