This train Birthday cake is super easy and simple. It is absolutely a no bake cake. If you like to have a simple and easy train birthday cake for your kid’s birthday, then this train cake will give you some idea.

We celebrated our son’s 2nd Birthday and this time it was with the theme-train. He loves Bob the train songs and we decided the train theme. This time we were in Sri Lanka for his 2nd Birthday. However before going for our Sri Lanka holiday, we had a small celebration in Singapore and here is how I made his train Birthday cake.


For his first birthday,we celebrated it with an animal themed birthday cake.That time I made a small cake as a smash cake.That also super easy to decorate.This time I didn’t bake cakes, so it only took less than 1 hour to complete the cake. However, if you like to bake a cake, then you can go for it and create small wagons using a home baked cake. For the train engine, I used a small train toy. I wanted to find a bit larger train toy, but I couldn’t find the exact size which I wanted. But still, this train toy was good with the cake train.

I created this train birthday cake with only 4 wagons. But, it is up to you to add more wagons for your train birthday cake. We only 3 at home and didn’t want more cakes. Simply I bought 4 pieces of cakes from a nearby bakery shop. Those were already decorated and ready to eat. I pasted few mini Oreos as wheels of the train using butter icing. Basically train cake is done when the train engine toy is placed on the place.
To make the wording ‘Happy Birthday’, I used letter stickers. That saved me some time and energy.

Here is how I made this easy train Birthday cake in step by step.

Things needed (for a 4 wagon train cake)

For the cake

4 pieces of decorated cakes
8 nos mini Oreos as wheels
Small train engine toy
A cake board
Letter stickers to make ‘Happy Birthday’ message
Colour papers to make the rail road
Green colour butter icing
Star nozzle to create grass


Using colour papers ,create a rail road.
Use green colour butter icing and create grass.

Easy train Birthday cake
Then place the train engine toy and the decorated cake pieces accordingly to create a cake train.
Using butter icing, paste Oreos in sides of the cake pieces to make the wheels.

Easy train Birthday cake
Easy Train Birthday cake is done. It is colourful and super easy to make.
If you feel so sorry to cut your train cake just after making it, use another small cake for candles and celebrations. You can cut that small cake same as we did.


You can bake a cake and create similar wagons by decorating them.
Use some candy to decorate the wagons
Add more wagons if you like a bigger train cake
Finally, even if you are not an expert of baking a cake, you can still decorate a train cake for your kid’s birthday.

Do you like this idea of making a no bake cake?Please share your comments.I’d love to hear. 🙂