Fresh Garden Salad
Fresh Garden Salad

We love salads and most of the days I prepare a salad for our dinner. This is very simple and I used Thousand Island as dressing. I didn’t add any other veggies like tomato for this as I wanted the crunchy taste of lettuce/leaf mix. Whenever we visit a wet market, I buy some fresh salad leaf mix. It is nice to have different types of leaves as a mix than one type of lettuce.
With the Thousand Island dressing, this came out delicious and it was a good combination.

Fresh Garden Salad
Here is my simple recipe for fresh Garden Salad.

For salad
Handful of different types of lettuce
2 red chili or 1 red bell pepper
1 onion
For dressing
2-3 tbspn Thousand Island dressing
1 tspn olive oil
Salt as per taste
Cut lettuce into bite size pieces.
Slice red chili (or bell pepper) and onion rings.
Toss all in a bowl.
In a bowl, whisk thousand island and other ingredients mentioned under dressing.
Toss over the salad.
Keep refrigerated about 15 minutes before serving.
Note: Add some tomato and corn for a different taste.
Fresh Garden Salad
How about you?Do you like Garden Salad with fresh lettuce?
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