As some of you know, I work on my cookbook  and still it is in progress. Before starting this, I searched on how to self-publish a cookbook and found Blurb. 

Blurb is a great site to self-publish a book or create a photo book for affordable prices. I use that site from few months and happy with its features. Now I am in a plan to create family photo books through Blurb for our memorable moments. It is easier and durable than having photos printed and keeping in albums. I will share some photos of photo books once I finalized and receive the order!

Because of their quality service and time to time offers, finally I joined with their affiliate programme and thought of sharing the news about this great site.

They send offers time to time and there is a new offer from today till 9th September.

Here is the great offer for you

You can use Blurb to make a small book as a gift for your relatives or friends during coming festive months.Or you can use the site to create your own cookbook.There are many ideas!
There is a discount for each book created from now through 9/9, get 15% off with the code: TAKE15

Specially for bloggers and website owners

Other than that, there is a big opportunity for Bloggers and website owners.
Join the Blurb Affiliate Program Today and receive many attractive offers.
If you are approved,you have more chances to receive an offer to make your own Blurb book for free. (even you will get $10 for each of your blogger friend who is approved under the affiliate programme)
So,why wait?

Simply use the code TAKE15 to get your 15% discount until September 9 or Join the Blurb Affiliate Program Today

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