I had some grapes which were really not that fresh. Instead of eating it alone, I tried this grape and orange juice. Simply this is an awesome combination. The result is great and I really like the taste of grape and orange juice. It is bit sour and tangy and colourful with grape flavor.
For me this was a really great recipe to consume the remaining grapes in the fridge without wasting those. Try it with some fresh grapes; sure it will be more delicious!

Here is the simple recipe for Grapes and Orange juice.

Grapes and Orange juice

Recipe:Grapes and Orange Juice


1 cup Black seedless grapes
2 Oranges
1 tsp Lemon juice
1 cup Water
2 tbspn Sugar or as required
Ice cubes to serve


Peel the skin of oranges .Squeeze the juice into a cup.
Add the grapes and the sugar in a blender. Then blend till it is smooth enough.
Strain the grape juice into a cup.
Now add orange juice and water into this and mix well.
Adjust sugar as required.
Serve with ice cubes.

Grapes and Orange juice

Grapes and Orange juice

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