Kokis is a traditional sweet from Sri Lanka & it is one of our favourites. Anyway still I don’t know how to make Sri Lankan traditional sweets, but after learning many other Sri Lankan cooking, now I am in a plan to try Sri Lankan sweets. We have a lot of traditional sweets in Sri Lanka.We celebrate New Year in April & it is the time mostly we taste all these sweets.
In Sri Lanka, we call this as ‘Kokis’, but while reading I found almost similar version from other countries. But they are named as ‘Rosette cookies’ or ‘rice cookies’ or ‘Achchu Murukku’. Also I found that they are with added sugar. But in Sri Lanka we cook Kokis without adding sugar.
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And I remember we studied that the word & food ‘Kokis’ is a heritage we received during the ruling period of Dutch. It is very interesting to know history of some food. Anyway rice cookies have become Kokis in Sri Lanka & now we treat it as one of our traditional food.
I have heard from my friends & others that making Kokis is easier, if the mould is well seasoned. As I have heard; the mould is bit sticky until we cook few batches. This is one of the reasons I was reluctant to try this at home. However I saw a recent post about ‘Rosette Cookies’ in ‘Vegetarian Tastebuds’ and made me interested in making Kokis at home.
I followed her instructions to season the mould & for my surprise all the Kokis were removed nicely.
According to Vegetarian Tastebuds, this is what I did to season my new mould. I bought the mould about two weeks ago. During whole last week, I dipped it in hot oil everyday after cooking. I continued this for whole week before cooking Kokis. I think it worked. Mould didn’t give me any headache. Thanks a lot Vegetarian Tastebuds for your recipe & info.
Without talking more, here is my recipe of ‘Sri Lankan Kokis’.
Ingredients (Yield about 45 Kokis)
1 cup raw rice flour
¼ cup all purpose flour
1 cup thick coconut milk
Pinch of salt
Pinch of turmeric powder
Oil to deep fry
Egg (optional)
Sieve rice flour & all purpose flour together. Add salt & turmeric powder to it.
Add thick coconut milk, & make a thick batter.
Add egg as it will help to remove kokis easily from the mould. (Optional)
Heat oil in a deep pan.(Thachchi).
Dip the mould for about 1 minute in hot oil.
Then dip the mould into the batter until ¾ of mould is covered from the batter & dip it in oil.
For my luck, Kokis was removed when I dipped in oil, anyway keep a skewer or chopstick to remove Kokis from the mould if need.(If you noticed,I have used a very less amount of oil to fry my 1st Kokis,Because I had a doubt & didn’t want to waste oil 🙂 )
Fry Kokis until golden brown & remove from oil & allow draining oil.
From 2nd Kokis onward, do not dip the mould more time in hot oil. Just dip in oil & dip in batter. Batter will stick with the mould.
Finally Kokis is ready to serve. Store them in air tight bottles/containers to keep the crispiness.
Kokis were soft & tastier. I guess it is because of adding some all purpose flour to the mix. In Sri Lankan recipe; kokis is cooked using only Rice flour. I made this variation to the recipe according to Rice cookies/Rosette cookies recipes from other countries.
If you are in abroad and looking for a kokis mould ,try this Rosette Iron set.