Kokis is one of the most popular traditional sweets of Sri Lanka. In most of the Sri Lankan ceremonial occasions, Kokis is one of the must have food same as Kiribath and Kavum. With crunchy taste and beautiful appearance Kokis can attract the Sri Lankans in any table until all the kokis disappear.

I’ve shared Kokis recipe before. However, few days ago I tasted Kokis which is delicious in taste. I didn’t cook these Kokis. If you remember Aunty Gunawathi, she is the one cooked these Kokis. She is in our neighborhood and few years ago she cooked Kavum specially for Food Corner recipes. This time I want to share her Kokis recipe with Sesame seeds.

Recipe: Sri Lankan Kokis with Sesame seeds

Sri Lankan Kokis with Sesame Seeds

Sri Lankan Kokis with Sesame Seeds

Ingredients (Yield about 45 Kokis)

1 cup raw rice flour

¼ cup all purpose flour

1 cup thick coconut milk

2-3 tbspn of sesame seeds

Pinch of salt

Pinch of turmeric powder

Oil to deep fry

Egg (optional)



Sieve rice flour & all-purpose flour together. Add salt & turmeric powder to it.

Add thick coconut milk, & make a thick batter.

If you add eggs, then Add the egg at this time as it will help to remove kokis easily from the mould. (Optional). Then add toasted sesame seeds to the Kokis batter and mix well.

Preparation of the sesame seeds:

Toast sesame seeds slightly just before preparing the batter for kokis. Add the sesame seeds to the kokis batter and mix well.

To make kokis:

Heat oil in a deep frying pan.(Thachchi).

Dip the mould for about 1 minute in hot oil.

Then dip the mould into the batter until ¾ of mould is covered from the batter & dip it in heated oil.

In this way you can easily deep fry the kokis using the mould. Use a skewer or chopstick to remove Kokis from the mould if need.

Fry Kokis until golden brown & remove from oil & allow draining oil.

From the 2nd kokis onwards, don’t dip the mould for a long time in hot oil before you dip it in the batter.

For step by step photos, please check this kokis recipe.

Enjoy the new taste of Kokis with sesame seeds and let me know how it is for you in a comment.