Lawariya is a Sri Lankan traditional sweet & it is suitable for tea time. This is a kind of stuffed string hoppers (indi appa) & this is very easy to cook if you know how to prepare string hoppers. (Check here for string hoppers recipe)
Here is my way of preparing ‘Lawariya’.
Ingredients( for 4 nos Lawariya)
½ cups Roasted rice flour (String hoppers flour)
½ cup fresh grated coconut
3-4 tbspn sugar (jaggery is more better, but I used some brown sugar)
Boiling water (after the steam goes away)
Special Utensil
String hopper mould
First heat a pan. When it is hot add sugar & coconut together & make it a fine mix. Adjust sugar according to your taste.
Roast the flour well and sieve it into a bowl. Add a little salt to flour.
(or use some instant Indi appa flour which you can by from a stall)
Then slowly add enough boiling water (but after the steam go out) to make a soft but not sticky dough.
Fill string-hopper mould with dough.
Squeeze the dough on to a polythene wrap as shown below in round shape. But bit bigger than the normal size of string-hoppers.
Put a scoop of prepared coconut mix on it.
Wrap it as shown below.
Then steam until it cooks well. (About 5-7 minutes).
Remove from the steamer.
Serve & enjoy!!

Sending to the event ‘Flavours of Sri Lanka’ started by Nayna.
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