Roti Jala is a traditional Malay recipe popular in Singapore & Malaysia. It is also called as net bread or lacy crepes. I found it as an excellent dish for breakfast or dinner. Roti Jala is delicious when served with a chicken or spicy curry.
There is a special mold to use when cooking Roti Jala. However it is like a cup with holes in the bottom. So if you cannot find a Roti Jala mold in your area, there should have many alternatives.A sauce bottle is one of such alternatives.
Here is a photo of Roti Jala mold.
It is very easy to cook & can be used as an alternative for rice.
Here is the recipe for Roti Jala, another Malaysian delicacy.

Roti Jala Recipe

Ingredients (for about 20 nos)
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups coconut milk 
Water as needed
1 medium sized egg
1/4tsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp cooking oil

1/4tsp salt, 


Mix all the ingredients in bowl
Using a hand whisk stir till it becomes a smooth batter. .


Add water gradually to make the batter smooth
Sift the batter to avoid lumps, and keep aside.


Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.
Fill the Roti Jala mould with batter and quickly move the mould in a way to create a lacy pattern. (However the batter should be smooth enough to pass through the mould. If it is too thick, add some coconut milk & adjust the thickness)


Leave the Roti for few seconds until cooked. Cook only one side.
Fold Roti & remove from pan.


Roti Jala

Repeat the same procedure with remaining batter.Lacy crepes are ready!

Roti Jala

Serve with a spicy curry.
Roti Jala
If you can find a sauce bottle as in this post,it would be a good alternative for Roti Jala Mould.Please check this link.