Kola Mallum is one of popular ways to eat leafy greens. A Sri Lankan meal is not completed if there is no any green dish added. Kathurumurunga leaves (Sesbania grandiflora,Agati Leaves) is one of healthy green found in Sri Lanka and here is how it can be cooked as a mallum.Hope you will like this kathurumurunga kola mallum with plain rice!

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Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum/Agati Leaves in Grated Coconut

Recipe : Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum/Agati Leaves in Grated Coconut

Kathurumurunga 100g
 3-4 green chili sliced
1/2  Onion Sliced
½ cup fresh grated coconut
1/4 tsp turmeric
Salt as per taste
1 drop of cooking oil
Kathurumurunga Kola /Agati Leaves


Wash,drain & slice the Kathurumurunga leaves thinly.
In a pan, mix all the ingredients well together with sliced leaves.
Add 1 drop of oil to this and mix well.(remember, it is a small drop & this will keep the colour & shine of leaves)
Cook under low heat for 2-3 minutes.
Do not overcook. Switch off the flame when the pan is hot. The remaining heat of the pan is enough to cook the mallum keeping its colour.
Serve with plain rice and other curries
Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum/Agati Leaves in Grated Coconut

Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum

Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum is ready to serve with plain rice.Enjoy!