This Mango & Milk Pudding is very easy to prepare. A simple dessert that we can prepare by keeping the rich flavour of mango in it. 


3 cups pureed mangoes
1 cup condensed milk
2 tbspn unflavored gelatin
¾ cup sugar
1 cup hot water

Add gelatin & sugar to hot water & mix well.
Easiest method is , first mix sugar & gelatin together. Then dissolve this sugar & gelatin mix using hot water.
Now gelatin & sugar is dissolved in water, & keep aside.
In a bowl mix mango puree & evaporated milk together.
Then add gelatin mix to it & mix well.

Pour this mixture into a mould or a bowl or few serving bowls, chill until it is set.
It will take about 3 hrs to set completely.

If you want to remove the pudding from the mould or bowl, first dip the bowl in hot water slightly, then turn it into a plate.

Garnish with some mango slices or fruit.
Serve & enjoy!!

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