Winter melon drink is a healthy & refreshing drink. It is a refreshing thirst quenching drink suit for summer. I used to buy this drink from some Chinese shops who sell herbal drinks. However later I wanted to try it at home.

Here is the recipe & it is so simple.
Ingredients (about 2 glasses)
About 1 inch thick piece of Winter melon (cut across the fruit, as shown)
2 glasses of water
2-3 tspn honey or brown sugar

Wash & remove the skin & seeds of winter melon.
Cut it into small cubes.

In a pot, mix winter melon, brown sugar & water. If you use honey as a sweetner, use it later.
Bring into boil.

or use slow cooker to boil about 2-3 hrs. (in ‘low’ settings)

Drain the boiled winter melon drink.
Add honey or more sugar if need as per taste.
Serve hot or cold.

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