One of the best ways to explore a new place is its food. Although I am a Sri Lankan, I love to try Sri Lankan food from different places when we are in a holiday. This time it is about food of Southern parts of Sri Lanka. We had our visit to that part in previous holiday and as most of you know, I already started to blog about my memories from Sri Lanka.
Today it is about a Sri Lankan buffet. We had our road trip to Kataragama and during our return from Kataragama, it was almost lunch time. We were looking for a place to have our lunch and suddenly saw this board and the place.
First, the place looks new and clean. Secondly, they boast of offering a buffet for just Rs.170 (around Singapore Dollar 1.70). We had an experience of having a buffet in Ratnapura area few days before. The cost per head was around Rs.350, but they didn’t offer much choices and food were not worth even to talk about.I didn’t bother to take photos although that place was a beautiful restaurant with nice interior.
Anyway, we decided to try this restaurant.
For me, it was a real Sri Lankan spicy lunch which gives a total satisfaction after having lunch. They have arranged the buffet in beautiful clay pots and the first sight was inviting! Then, without much discussing, we decided to have our lunch.
They offered a variety of dishes and if you noticed, they offered red rice.(Brown rice).Red rice is more popular among southern province. Because that area is full of paddy fields, most of the time rice is from fresh harvest. So, it definitely tastes well.
Outside of the restaurant was calm, windy and spacious. We spent some time there before starting the journey to Colombo. If you visit Kataragama, this is a good place to try a Sri Lankan Buffet. It is located between Kataragama and Tissamaharama. I talked with the manager there and found that they offer accommodation too.
The name of this place is ‘Tinetra’.Soon,I will update the post with the contact no.
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