The general consensus of multiple studies is that a healthy diet improves male fertility by default. Unlike specialized superfoods that affect hormonal levels, eating nutritionally balanced meals boosts the quality of semen. This means two things, one that eating healthy is essential for male infertility treatment as it’s another tool that will allow you to fight it. The other is that not eating healthy can impede the progress of your treatment. So, if you don’t want to negate the effects of your therapy, you should adhere to the right kind of meal plan at all times.

Diet for Male Infertility

Diet for Male Infertility: Overview

The healthiest possible type of diet for male infertility must be low in fats and high in proteins. This means your meal plan should look like this:

  • Breakfast high in proteins and natural.

Morning is the time to load up on a glass of milk (low-fat) and a whole grain sandwich with some chicken. You’ll need to add some fruits as well or a smoothie. You can also enjoy some eggs, though remove the yolks or use a healthy vegan egg substitute. Note that you can have a ham sandwich, but only if the meat is low in sodium. Turkey and chicken are best options as well as some silky tofu.
Breakfast is also the time to load up on superfoods that can boost your fight against male infertility. Whether you are taking supplements, like Erexatropin, or eat spoonfuls of maca powder, starting the day with them is usually best. Superfoods, in particular, you can mix into smoothies.

  • Get good carbs for lunch.

Lunch is usually a rather light meal, but it has to pack a punch in calorie value. Now is the time to eat several servings of vegetables/fruits as well as whole grains with a side of lean meat or legumes. A hearty salad or sandwich with turkey breast and veggies are good choices. So are sautéed vegetables and some whole grain pasta.
If eating out for lunch, look for dishes that are low in cholesterol and sodium. Avoid refined bread and sugary drinks.

  • More protein for dinner.

Diet for Male Infertility

The diet for male infertility treatment and prevention must be high in protein above all else, so a serving of lean meat for dinner is best. Pair it with some grilled or steamed vegetables and brown rice. Remember that salmon and other good seafood also give you lots of protein as well as invaluable omega 3 fatty acids. They boost the brain power of both yourself and your future babies.

  • Enjoy only healthy snacks.

Forget about all those processed junk foods that are high in sodium, saturated fats, and chemicals you can’t even name. Stick to nuts (unseasoned), dried fruits, and homemade chips made in a dehydrator.

Bear in mind that although studies on this topic are still limited, it’s already known that parental nutritional deficiencies affect the fetus nearly as much as those of the mother. For example, daughters of men who have a high-fat diet are more likely to have a beta-cell dysfunction (Today’s Dietician).

Do not forget that the food you eat affects not only your health. The diet for male infertility is your average healthy diet, but its effects are much more far-reaching than helping you conceive a child or lose a few pounds.