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I am so happy to share this good news about my cookbook ‘Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats’. Finally, it is published and available on Blurb Bookstore. Past few weeks I spent more time on creating this cookbook and I am so glad I could complete it with Blurb.

Publishing a cookbook is a dream for most food bloggers and it was same with me too. I started recipe book projects few times. But, for so many reasons, I couldn’t complete any of these cookbook projects. Finally, with Blurb I could complete my cookbook & my own copy is on shipment now. I will share the review of the quality and appearance of printed cookbook once I received my cookbook copy. Till that I’d happy if you have a look into ‘Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats’, you will be able to see some of pages which I set in the book preview.

Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats

Anyway, creating a cookbook with Blurb is really easy than you think. With BookWright software, it is simple and easy to organize photos and recipes as you want. However, at first I downloaded a cookbook making template which is available in Blurb and started my cookbook using the template. Using a template is easier to create the cookbook with BookWright. But, in mid of the cookbook, I started creating my own pages using the ideas that came into my mind.

Well, truly I took around 1 month to collect all the recipes. One of the reasons is that I had to go through some old folders to find original food photographs. With high resolution photos, you will get a good quality print. Once recipes are in one place, it simply needs few hours to one day to complete your cookbook with Blurb.

Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats

A Screen capture while I making the cookbook with Blurb BookWright

I spent whole this weekend to compile the recipes in order and to create the final cookbook as I wanted. However, with my son around and being it a weekend, I couldn’t spend my time continuously on creating this cookbook. So, if you have time to concentrate on your cookbook at least 1-2 hours continuously, it is enough to make your cookbook with BookWright software.(after selecting all the recipes and photos into a folder)

It is all about creating a cookbook with BookWright and with Blurb. You can easily create your own cookbook with Blurb and become a published author.

Till that, I am really happy if you check my cookbook ‘Hearty Salads & Sweet Treats’ on Blurb BookStore and share with me your comments, suggestions and ideas.

And I am thankful to the team at Blurb for offering me a coupon code to order my own copy of this recipe book.