January is Hot Tea month .Most of the tea lovers all over the world enjoy different types of teas and tea parties during this month. As a tea lover, I can’t stay away from posting about tea. During this month which encourages to enjoy a cup of tea in a relaxing mood, I thought of introducing Ceylon tea.
Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon and its Black tea is still known as Ceylon Tea. Ceylon Tea is known as finest black tea for its quality and it is still an important business to the country. The ideal climate for the growth of tea together with plucking methods and traditions of preparing tea, Ceylon tea keeps its quality among the other Black teas of the world. Therefore it is popular as the best tea of the world making almost all the tea consuming countries to import this tea.

Before going into a recipe on how to make a good cup of tea, below is some introduction on Ceylon Tea.
There are few types of teas available in SriLanka.
1) Nuwara Eliya               –  6000ft above sea level
2) Dimbula(High Grown)  – between 4000-6000ft 
3) Kandy (Medium)          –              2000-4000ft
4) Ruhuna (Low Grown)   –              2000ft
Did you notice the height difference for different tea types?
Low Grown teas are mainly categorized with grades such as OP1, OPA, OP. FBOP, FBOPF etc .They are mainly exported to Middle East countries.
However the best tea is found when it is a high grown tea. Nuwara Eliya region is claimed for this best quality high grown tea.
Recently I received some high quality Ceylon Black Tea samples of above tea types. I thought of sharing some tea recipes with those samples and it is best to know how to prepare a perfect cup of tea as the beginning.
Here is how to make a cup of tea.
Ingredients (for 2 cups of tea)
3 tspn of Ceylon Tea (Black Tea)
Sugar as per taste or as required
2 cups of water
Boil 2 cups of water.
Meanwhile add tea leaves in to a tea pot.
Once water is boiled, pour it in to the tea pot. Allow teas for brewing for 03 minutes
After 03 minutes stir once. Then leave it for further 02 minutes making it total of 5 minutes.
Then pour the teas into the respective serving cups
Add sugar as per the taste.
Always add tea leaves with the rule ‘one teaspoon per person and one for the pot’
Anyway this  rule applies only for high grade leafy type  teas such as BOP & BOPF grades.
Wash serving cups & tea pot with hot water before making tea in order to prepare a perfect cup of tea.
Enjoy a warm cup of tea as mentioned above and let me know how it is!
Please contact George Steuart Tea for more information about purchasing good quality Ceylon Tea. They are happy to serve you.
And now, I have a question for you. Do you drink tea? If so, have you ever tried Ceylon Tea? What is your experience with Ceylon Tea? Please share your thoughts.

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