Gaslabu Drink-Papaya Juice with lime
Papaya/(Gaslabu) is a delicious fruit with its sweet and rich taste. It is not only healthy, but  is loaded with antioxidant nutrients , B vitamins, folate and the minerals.This is a popular fruit in Sri Lanka and easily available.
I miss that real taste of Sri Lankan Papaya,which is so creamy and sweet! Unfortunately I have to add sugar  or any sweetener to get that taste on my papaya juice here.If you visit Sri Lanka,dont forget to try some Papaya!Sure you would love it!

Gaslabu Sri Lanka
This is a simple drink recipe with papaya & good as a summer treat.Lime adds flavour to it which cannot resist.Recently I prepared Popsicles with Papaya and Lime.That was a perfect treat to beat the heat.With that recipe,my love with papaya is grown and tried few more recipes at home.
Without talking much more,here is the recipe for Papaya Juice with lime.
Half of well ripe papaya
1 small lime
Sugar (optional)
Water 2 glasses
Sri Lankan Drinks Recipes-Papaya Juice with lime
Remove the seeds of papaya.
Scoop the papaya into a blender.
Add sugar or sweetener as required.
Add juice of a lime into this mix & add water.
Blend until smooth.
Serve cold with added ice cubes.
Travel Sri Lanka-And dont forget a Papaya Juice with lime
Tip:Add a scoop of ice cream and experience the heavenly taste. 🙂