Alu Puhul as we call in Sri Lanka or Winter Melon in English which is a fruit /vegetable gives delicious curry when we cook it with Sri Lankan spices. That is why I want to share this alu puhul curry recipe (Winter Melon Curry) with you all because although this curry is delicious and creamy, sometimes we forget to cook it. Instead, our everyday meal is prepared with most common vegetables.

With natural cooling properties, winter melon is good for human body in many ways including clearing the toxins. Check this winter melon drink recipe if you like more winter melon recipes.

Now before reading further, I want to know about your idea on winter melon curry. Have you cooked this before or have you tasted winter melon in a curry? But I know one thing. If you are a Sri Lankan, then sure you like Puhul Dosi (the sweet toffee made of winter melon.)Puhul Dosi is too sweet, but I will not refuse a piece or two if someone offers me!

Sri Lankan Winter Melon Curry (Alu Puhul Curry)

Winter Melon (Alu Puhul)

If you haven’t tried Alu Puhul curry (Sri Lankan Winter Melon curry), then make sure to buy winter melon in your next visit to buy vegetables. I only use green chili when preparing this curry, so the appearance is bit yellowish or white. It tastes creamy with added coconut milk, but it also spicy with blends of garlic and pepper.

Officially this is going to be my first post for 2016.I hope to be bit organized this year. With a too active toddler at home, my cooking is limited to everyday curries. But I still try to keep Food Corner updated with new and different Sri Lankan recipes which you can try easily.

Sri Lankan Winter Melon Curry (Alu Puhul Curry)

So, here is the winter melon curry recipe.Please let me know the outcome if you try it.

Recipe: Sri Lankan Alu Puhul Curry (Winter Melon Curry )

Ingredients: (for 3-4 servings)

Winter Melon 500g
2-3 green chili sliced lengthwise
½ medium sized onion sliced
1 sprig curry leaves
1inch piece pandan leaf/(rampa)
¼ tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp fenugreek seeds
Piece of cinnamon
Salt to taste
1 cup thick coconut milk

For coconut paste:

2 cloves of garlic
1 tspn black pepper corn
2-3 tbspn freshly grated coconut



Wash & remove skin of winter melon
Cut winter melon into quarters and remove the seeds portion.
Then cut it into bite size pieces. I prefer small pieces.
But you can cut it into big bites too.
Put winter melon in a cooking pan. Add curry leaves, green chili, onion and al the spices mentioned in the recipe.
Add thin coconut milk and mix well.
Cook in low heat until winter melon is softened and cooked.

Preparing the Coconut paste

Till the water melon is cooked well, prepare the coconut paste.
Grind black pepper, garlic cloves and grated coconut into a thin paste. Keep aside.

Final steps

When winter melon is well cooked, add thick coconut milk and mix well.

Adjust salt to taste.
At this stage add the coconut paste too.
Simmer in low flame till coconut milk is mixed well with curry and start boiling. When it starts boiling remove the curry from the heat and serve with plain rice and other curries.

Do you cook winter melon? If so, how do you cook? Please comment below.