Kos ata (Jackfruit seeds) are another healthy and delicious ingredient for Sri Lankan cooking. We cook jackfruit seeds in different ways and you’ll find many different versions for Sri Lankan style jackfruit curry recipes. Kalu pol is another popular way to cook most vegetables. If you noticed, previously I shared pumpkin kalu pol curry. After few months I also tried lotus root curry with kalu pol. Actually those are delicious Sri Lankan curry recipes, if you like to try different ways in your cooking.

Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

Jackfruit seeds -Kos Ata

Now, if you don’t know about health benefits or different recipes you can try with jackfruit seeds, I am sure you throw away the seeds once eat the yummy ripe jackfruit. However, there are lots of benefits of jackfruit seeds for your skin, if you never know then read on few of them. I am sure you will never throw the seeds after reading this!In short & sweet form Jackfruit seeds are good for fight wrinkles,helps to get a flawless skin, improves healthy digestion and it has Anti cancer benefits

Recently, my mother came here and she brought some jackfruit seeds because I asked her many times to bring some. So, now it is my turn to share the recipes which we tried with those jackfruit seeds.(kos ata)

Before going to kos ata kalu pol recipe, here is a tip. Try to use dry jackfruit seeds for this recipe, instead of fresh seeds. If you have fresh jackfruit seeds, then keep it on kitchen counter for 2-3 days that will dry easily.

Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

Kos Ata Kalu Pol (Jackfruit seeds curry)

Recipe:Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

Ingredients: (2-3 servings)

15-20 nos. Jackfruit seeds (kos ata)
1 medium sized onion sliced
1 sprig curry leaves
1inch piece pandan leaf/(rampa)
1-2 tspn chili powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp Sri Lankan Raw curry powder
1 tsp mustard seed
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 inch Piece of cinnamon
Salt to taste
1/2 cup thick coconut milk

For coconut paste

3-4 tbspn grated fresh coconut
1 tspn raw rice


Wash and boil jackfruit seeds (kos ata) in a pot of water.
Till it is boiling, dry roast all the spices. Keep aside.

Also dry roast grated coconut together with raw rice until it turns golden brown. Be careful to prevent it from burning. Now Grind this toasted coconut & rice into a thin paste. Keep it aside.

Once jackfruit seeds are boiled well, simply break the skin of the seeds. But do not remove the skin. Keep it with the seeds without removing. Just break it. (You can simply smash on it with something heavy, traditionally; in Sri Lanka we use a coconut for this task :))

Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

Once the seeds are ready, it is time to cook.

In a cooking pan, mix all roasted spices together with jack fruit seeds. Add onion, curry leaf and rampa. Add salt as per taste. Add thick coconut milk and simmer till onion and curry leaf are cooked well.

Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

Once the curry is almost cooked, add coconut paste. Mix well. Adjust salt if necessary. Simmer for another few minutes and switch off the flame when the gravy is thick enough.

This goes well with Rice and curry. Enjoy!

Sri Lankan Kos ata kalu pol curry (jackfruit seeds curry)

Do you like Kos Ata Kalu Pol curry?Or do you cook jackfruit seeds in a different way?Please share your thoughts.

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