Wood Apple Milk (Wood Apple Juice)

Wood apple (Diwul) is a fruit which you can find in Sri Lanka. Although it is available to purchase in any super market or even in weekly wet market (pola), this is a fruit grown well in the dry zone of the country. These days, I am in Sri Lanka enjoying a holiday and was able to visit the southern area of the country.

During my visits to different places, I could try some different Sri Lankan food which I am unable to find in Singapore. How can I forget to take pictures of the food which are specific for the southern Sri Lanka? 

Wood Apple/(Diwul)
We received some fresh Wood apples during our visits to some of my relatives. So, I can happily share the recipe for Wood Apple milk (Diwul kiri)with you all.

Wood Apple Milk (Wood Apple Juice) /Diwul Kiri
I am in holiday mood and not able to concentrate on blog posts. But still, I am trying to write a blog post while sharing this recipe for Wood apple milk.
If you can find this fruit, try it as a drink. It is bit sour, but also sweet and milkish with addition of coconut milk. Use coconut milk from a freshly opened coconut. Then the freshness of the drink will refresh you specially during a hot day.
Here is the recipe for Wood Apple milk. Try it and let me know how it came out for you!
2-3 ripe wood apples
1 cup thick coconut milk
Sugar as required
Salt (a pinch)
2 glasses of Water 

Break the shell of wood apples. Remove the flesh to a bowl.
Add coconut milk, water and sugar into it.
Blend till smooth using a blender. You can also mix the ingredients using the hand.
Once all are mixed or blended, add a pinch of salt. Adjust sugar if needed.
Keep in a refrigerator until serve.
A refreshing drink is ready to serve.

Note: I used the blender to prepare this drink.However,usually it is delicious when you use hand to mix & soften  the fruit.In this way,you can remove the seeds too.

Wood Apple Milk (Wood Apple Juice)