This raw papaya mallum (Amu Gaslabu mallum) will sure add different flavor for your meal. Papaya is not only for drinks or salads. You can also cook a delicious side using raw papaya.

If you are bored of same recipes every day for your Sri Lankan meal, try cooking a raw papaya. Gaslabu mallum or raw papaya mallum is one of the dishes I tasted at my home in Sri Lanka.

My mother cooks this sometimes, so I remember the taste. As I’ve shared most of the Sri Lankan recipes in this food blog, sometimes I am lack of new recipes. Spending another 1 month long holiday in Sri Lanka, I get more chances to try and taste different Sri Lankan recipes. This papaya mallum is such a recipe I tried recently.

Sri Lankan Gaslabu mallum (Raw Papaya with grated coconut)

When I found a raw papaya in a papaya tree in our home garden, idea of cooking raw papaya mallum came into my mind. Other than tasting this delicious dish, I also wanted to have a new recipe for Food Corner. So, here it is. Hope you will try this gaslabu mallum when you find a raw papaya!

Sri Lankan Gaslabu mallum (Raw Papaya with grated coconut)

Sri Lankan Gaslabu mallum (Raw Papaya with grated coconut)

Recipe : Sri Lankan Gaslabu Mallum (Raw Papaya with Grated Coconut)

Ingredients: (for 3-4 servings)

1 small raw papaya (gaslabu)


1 tsp. raw curry powder

1 medium sized onion

¼ tsp. turmeric powder

½ tsp. fenugreek seeds

1 inch piece of cinnamon

1 inch piece of rampe (pandan leaf)

1 sprig of curry leaves

For the coconut paste:

½ cup fresh grated coconut

2-3 green chilies

¼ tsp. mustard seeds

½ tsp. black peppercorns (gammiris ata)

2-3 cloves of garlic

Salt as per taste



Sri Lankan Gaslabu mallum (Raw Papaya with grated coconut)

Recipe for Sri Lankan Gaslabu mallum

Remove the ends of raw papaya. Then remove the skin of raw papaya.

Also remove the papaya seeds properly.

Wash and slice raw papaya into thin slices.

In a pan add sliced raw papaya. Add all the ingredients mentioned under ‘spices’.

Grind all ingredients mentioned under the coconut paste. Add this coconut paste to the raw papaya mix. Mix all.

Add about 1-2 tbsp. water.

Cook in low flame.

Cook around 7-8 minutes. Mix well. When it is cooked, check salt.

Remove from the cooker.

This raw papaya mallun well goes as a side for plain rice.

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