Paella is a traditional Spanish dish. Also know as Spanish
rice. This authentic dish is so delicious. Original recipe includes chicken
& rabbit, however I used chicken & Prawns only with tomato & other
ingredients. It came out well & was a very tasty rice dish.

This is how I prepared it.
Ingredients (For 4
2 ½ cups Long grained  Rice  (parboiled is better)
About 100g chicken cleaned,cut into small pieces
100g prawns cleaned & removed shell
3 ripe tomatos chopped
1 onion sliced
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 cloves
1 cardomom,
1 stick cinnamon
1 red paprika
Chicken stock
Salt to taste
Butter or oil to fry

First wash rice,drain & keep aside
heat oil in a pan and when it is hot enough, add the chicken
and fry unitl lightly browned. Then add prawns & cook
Then add onions & mix well.
Add tomato & mix & cook until you get a paste.At
this time add paprika

Add rice & other spices on top of this & do not mix
(if you use a rice cooker, transfer the mix to the cooker first & add rice
on top of it)
Add chicken stock according to the correct amount of water
to cook rice.Add some warm water to the stock to make the correct amount of
Cook the rice.

Before you serve it, mix the rice well digging the
ingredients in bottom of the pan.
Original recipe of Paella has changed now & there are
many varieties of Paella recipes.
And in my recipe,I didn’t add turmeric powder as mentioned
in the recipe.
However this is how it came out