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Ingredients (4 portions)

4 cups of raw white rice
1 cup green beans (mung ata)
Thick coconut milk of a coconut
Salt to taste.

Soak green grams in water overnight.
When it is softened after overnight or after 4-5 hours,we can cook the rice.

Wash rice and green grams and add them together to a rice cooker or a pan.

Add correct normal amount of water to boil rice, but again add ½ cup of water more.

Until the rice is cooking, prepare the coconut milk mixture.
For the thick coconut milk, add salt. Stir well. Taste for the salt.

When the rice is done add coconut milk and stir well

Add more salt if required.

Cook for a few more minutes until the coconut milk is absorbed .

After the rice is cooked, flatten in a plate & cut in to pieces or use a bowl or a mold to make rice pieces into a different shape.