Sri Lankan  Breakfast in Anuradhapura
Remember I shared my experience with a road trip in Sri Lanka? Now this is the part 2 of the post.
We started day two, early in the morning to avoid the crowd and the heat. Our plan was to visit Sri Maha Bodhi tree before the place is too crowded. Sri Maha Bodhiya is one of the sacred places to Buddhists and is situated in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

Lowamahapaya-Sri Lanka
We had to walk a bit to Sri Maha bodhiya. Lowamahapaya is in between Sri maha Bodhiya and Ruwanwalisaya. Anuradhapura is one of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka and we can find lot of historical sites which shows the proud history of the country.
It was the day after the full moon poya day, so the place was crowded. We had a glance at Lowamahapaya and then proceeded to Sri Maha Bodhi tree.
Sri Maha Bodhiya-entrance
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After the visit to Sri Maha Bodhiya,we still wanted to have our breakfast. We had breakfast in a hotel in Anuradhapura town and could taste a variety of Sri Lankan food there.It is not from a luxury hotel,instead a normal eating place called as ‘Rajarata Hotel’.When we are in Sri Lanka,we always like this type of places as we can taste the real Sri Lankan taste there.So,here are some details about our Sri Lankan Breakfast in Anuradhapura
If you travel Sri Lanka, try these foods. May be you will like some of these Sri Lankan food which most are popular among visitors to Sri Lanka. You may think that Sri Lankan foods are very spicy. However, not all Sri Lankan foods are hot and spicy. We have all varieties from sweet to bitter to spicy. Below are some of food we tried and some of my recommendations as signature foods of Sri Lanka.(for breakfast)
Bread for breakfast in Sri Lanka/aka Paan
Bread (paan) with dhal curry(aka parippu curry) is a popular breakfast for Sri Lankans.So, we had the same and ordered some ‘pol sambola’ too. This is a great Sri Lankan combination, I mean if you meet a true Sri Lankan, he would say this a good fit for the breakfast! We prefer the bread from traditional bakery oven with a crusty top and soft inner. 
Parippu curry
Dhal curry is a dish of cooked lentils with coconut milk keeping some gravy. Pol sambola is a type of chutney which fresh grated coconut is grounded with chili, onion and salt.
I preferred string hoppers (aka Indi Appa/Indiyappam) as my breakfast. String hoppers are cooked with a rice flour dough and by pressing it through a mould.After that it is steamed for few minutes and ready to eat! We can buy indiyappam/puttu mayam  in Singapore, but the size is larger than the Sri Lankan version.
Indi appa with dhal/potato and pol sambola
Indi appa always goes with a potato curry, dhal curry and pol sambola. This is always our family menu when we eat indi appa and we tried the same in this Sri Lankan trip.
Potato curry/Ala hodi
 My parents are rice eaters as most of other Sri Lankans. They need rice and curry for all 3 meals. So, here is there breakfast rice and curry plate with stir fried sprats and other curried vegetables.
Rice and curry
 A creamy fish curry cooked in coconut milk (malu kirata) was a good addition to the breakfast table.
Malu kirata
 And,we didn’t forget to eat like Sri Lankans! 
Eat like a Sri Lankan
We eat using our hand. It is right hand. Anyway, to eat with hand, one should follow some etiquette! Wash hand before eating and of course after eating! Don’t squeeze food through the fingers and don’t let food to touch the whole finger. There are more and I will share those later.:)
After having our breakfast together with tea, we started the journey again. We had a plan to visit few other religious places and it was a sunny day.
Sweet Imalsha, my little niece had her latest toy, a tea set with her. So, she carried that everywhere and enjoyed preparing tea while we were having our meal 🙂
Did you enjoy reading about some Sri Lankan food? Hope you will try those if you visit Sri Lanka someday!