Chinese dishes are popular among Sri Lankans.Here I gathered few popular recipes in Sri Lanka,namely Fried Rice,Chicken deviled,Vegetable Chop suey,Chili paste and Chinese Kankun stirfry.
Here are the recipes.
1)Chinese Fried Rice
Chinese Fried Rice is well popular among Sri Lankans,instead of seafood,try it with chicken,egg or vegetables for a different taste.

Chinese Fried Rice

2.Chicken Devilled
This a  little bit spicy,and also sour and sweet dish is one of the popular dishes well goes with a bowl of fried rice.(aka chiken deval)

Chicken Devilled

 3).Vegetable Chop Suey
Vegetable Chop Suey (aka chopsi) is a must have with a Fried rice meal.Try this at home for a change.

Vegetable Chop Suey (aka chopsi)

4).Chinese Kankun Stir fry
In Singapore,this dish is popular as Sambal Kangkong.However instead of chili paste with belachan,use chili paste mentioned in this recipe.
So,it is Sri Lankan version of Sambal Kangkong.

Chinese Kankun Stir fry

5.Chinese Chili Paste
As Sri Lankans,we prefer a spicy taste.So,add this Chili Paste to the meal,so you are able to adjust the spiciness of the meal.Sri Lankan chili flakes (aka Kali Miris) is ideal for this dish,I’ve used some another brand found from Singapore,so the appearance is exactly not the same as Sri Lankan version.

Chinese Chili Paste

Try these dishes in one meal during this festive season,specially for guests.They will like the meal and sure,will surprise about your cooking skills… 😀