Sri Lankan Raw Jackfruit Curry (Kiri Kos Maluwa)
I can say Jackfruit is only second to rice for Sri Lankans. Rice is the staple food. After that we use jackfruit in different way in our food. We have different recipes using jackfruit from its young stage, to mature jackfruit to ripen fruit.
If I talk about me, Jackfruit is my all-time favourite in any type of recipe. After I left Sri Lanka, I couldn’t eat this curry but I could find very young stage fruit (polos) sometimes. I was really & badly missing the taste of this curry. Last month my brother visited me & when my mother asked me what I need, I told some other things, but not about this. Reason is I know it is very difficult to remove seeds & pack. But another day when I talked with her, I just shared that I haven’t tasted this for more than 4 years.(Reason is when we visit Sri Lanka, it is not the season for mature fruit.)She already knows that I like this because in my childhood, I always ate more jackfruit with less rice if she cooked this. (And I didn’t touch any other curries 🙂 )
Finally I received a parcel of raw jackfruit from Sri Lanka with her love. Among all other work & among all others around her telling that this jackfruit may spoil once I receive them; she had prepared the parcel alone. And it is a big portion which we could eat several times keeping in the freezer.(upto 2 weeks)
Sri Lankan Raw Jackfruit Curry (Kiri Kos Maluwa)
So here is my favourite raw jackfruit curry (Kiri kos maluwa) & I cooked it reminding how she cooked it. And yes, I had more curry with less rice after a long time…. 🙂
After I saw the event ‘For u mom’, I wanted to post this recipe. I want to appreciate   Nupur’s   attempt for organizing an event for us to post a recipe dedicated to mum….
Main Ingredients
About 3 cups raw jackfruit
2-3 green chilis sliced
1 medium sized onion sliced
1 tsp mustard seed
2 sprigs curry leaves
Piece of rampa (pandan leaf)
1/2 tsp turmaric powder
1 tsp raw curry powder
½ tsp fenugreek seeds
About 1 inch piece cinnamon stick
1cup thick coconut milk
1-2 cups thin coconut milk
1 tsp of mustard seeds grinded into paste
salt to taste
For seasoning
1-2 tbspn cooking oil
1 sprig curry leaves
1 small onion sliced
1-2 red dry chilies crushed to pieces
Remove seeds from jackfruit. Clean & wash.Cut into thin strips.
Remove the skin of few seeds & cut them into small pieces.
Mix all main ingredients with jackfruit (other than thick coconut milk, mustard seeds paste & ingredients for seasoning)
Add thin coconut milk & mix well.Adjust some water if required.
Cover with a lid & cook in medium heat   for about 15 minutes or until jackfruit is well cooked. (Do not open the lid at least until 10 minutes, so that jackfruit will cook evenly,but remember to add enough water to prevent drying it faster)
Once it is cooked, add thick coconut milk & mix well.
Reduce the flame to low, adjust salt & add ground mustard paste. Mix well & allow simmer.
Meanwhile heat another pan & prepare the seasoning.(heat oil & add all ingredients under seasoning.Fry until fragrant)
Mix the seasoning to the curry ,mix well & remove from flame.
Serve hot with rice & curry.

Check this Polos Curry recipe which we use baby jack fruit in a curry. Another way to taste jackfruit.

Sri Lankan Raw Jackfruit Curry (Kiri Kos Maluwa)