Kiri Aguna Kola (kiri anguna kola) or scientifically called as tylophora pauciflora is a kind of leaf which is also edible. In Sri Lanka there are many edible leaves which we use in different recipes. It can be a mallum, salad or even a stir-fry, edible leaves play a major role in Sri Lankan cuisine.

Kiri Aguna kola is popular as a healthy leaf which is also good for many ailments and conditions including diabetic. In this sambolaya (salad), we use kiri aguna leaves raw and mix with other ingredients including onion, green chilies and lime juice.

Sri Lankan Recipe: Kiri Aguna Kola Sambolaya

Kiri Aguna Kola

When you prepare this recipe, please remember to mix all ingredients at the time of eating. By doing so, you can easily keep the freshness of the dish. Also Kiri Aguna kola will give some bitter taste. Therefore when you mix the sambol, do it gently to avoid it getting bitterer.

When I am in Sri Lanka, I am lucky to taste such food from Sri Lankan cuisine. The most enjoyable part of preparing this Kiri Aguna sambolaya is picking leaves from the home garden and to prepare it freshly which is an exciting experience. Instead of buying leaves, we find most of such edible leaves from home gardens in Sri Lanka.

As I am spending another holiday in Sri Lanka, I will write more Sri Lankan recipes which is unique to Sri the same time I am also planning to share the pictures from the home garden which can be helpful for you to identify the ingredients or to enjoy the Sri Lankan food culture!

Sri Lankan Recipe: Kiri Aguna Kola Sambolaya

Sri Lankan Recipe: Kiri Aguna Kola Sambolaya

Recipe: Kiri Aguna Kola Sambolaya (A Diabetic friendly Sri Lankan recipe)

Ingredients: (for 3-4 servings)

1 bunch of Kiri Aguna leaves

2-3 green chilies

4-5 small red onions

½ cup of fresh grated coconut

Salt as per taste

1 tsp. Lime juice


Wash Kiri Aguna leaves and drain water.

Slice the leaves into thin slices.

Slice green chilies and red onions.

In a dish, mix sliced Kiri Aguna leaves, green chilies, red onions, salt, fresh grated coconut and lime juice.

It is ready to serve with plain rice.

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