Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style
Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style (කක්කුටු පලා)
Watercress, another edible leaves I found here in Singapore is bit watery once cooked, and is like spinach. In Sri Lanka, I don’t have experience with this plant. Anyway, I tried few different recipes with watercress and this is the recipe finally we liked.(Lately I found this plant as ‘Kakkutu Pala / කක්කුටු පලා ,Please correct me if I am wrong)

You also can try the same recipe with ‘Sarana leaves’(සාරණ කොළ )    I found some places which Watercress is called as ‘Sarana Leaves’ in Sinhala. However, watercress leaves I find in Singapore is not the same leaves as ‘Sarana leaves’(සාරණ කොළ ) in Sri Lanka. As both leaves are much similar and watery, sarana leaves also give a delicious dish once prepare in the same style. Try it!

If you are not sure and think what is watercress,

Watercress is a plant which prefers water. It can be described as an aquatic or semi aquatic plant. Specialty is once it gets the environment to grow, it grows rapidly.

I found different watercress recipes including soups and salads. But here, mine is a stir-fry. I just stir-fried watercress in a tomato paste. This dish well goes with plain rice and even it is good with fried rice as a side dish. I purposely added tomato; actually it was a good idea to avoid the watery taste. Final outcome is not with full of watery taste. Instead it had a tangy flavor.

Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style
Watercress/ කක්කුටු පලා
Here are some watercress benefits,
  • An antioxidant rich, low-calorific and low-fat vegetable which is recommended for those who tries to lose weight or even use as a food for cholesterol control.
  • It is an excellent vegetable source for vitamin-K
  • It Contains vitamin-A, ß carotene, lutein and zea-xanthin.
  • A rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.
Anyway I am not an expert to give these medicinal advices. These are some facts  I also found from reading, Just shared thinking it would be beneficial that if we know the healthy side of the food we eat.
I am having a busy time here with lot of work to do and lot of things pending. Other than things at home, my inbox is full and I only reply to most important emails. Pardon me if I don’t reply to your request. I am trying to clear all pending stuff and soon, I will share more interesting recipes frequently.
Till that, enjoy this dish and include it into your Sri Lankan recipes list although this is not completely from Sri Lanka.


Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style

Here is Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style,if you enjoy Kankun stir fry,definitely you’ll like this too.

Ingredients (for 2-3 servings)

1 bunch of watercress
2 garlic cloves
1 onion
½ tspn mustard seeds
1 tbspn chili flakes
¼ tspn turmeric powder
½ tspn raw curry powder
1 tomato
Salt as per taste
1 tbspn cooking oil


Wash watercress carefully and remove yellow leaves and also the old stems.
Cut it coarsely into long pieces.
Set aside to drain excess water.
After that,
Cut tomato into bite size pieces.
Slice onion, chop garlic and keep aside.
Now it is time to cook!

Heat up cooking oil in a wok, when it is hot, add mustard seeds.
Once mustard seeds start to pop out, add garlic and onion.
Stir and fry till onions and garlic are tender and emits aroma.
At this stage, add tomato pieces and mix well.
Stir the mix and make it look like a sauce.
Add chili flakes, curry powder and turmeric powder to this paste.
Also add salt and taste for salt. Mix well till it become a spicy looking paste. Add a bit of water if the sauce looks dry. But, actually it is not necessary.

Once the sauce is ready, add watercress into it and mix well.

It is ready in about 1-2 minutes once watercress is mixed well with the sauce.
Remove from the burner and arrange in a serving plate.
It is ready to serve with plain rice or even as a side for fried rice.

Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style

Watercress stir fry in Sri Lankan Style


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