Pomegranate is a fruit with many benefits. There are many recipes on how to consume it, anyway making a smoothie is somewhat a simple & easy recipe.
Here is a simple recipe of making a smoothie from pomegranate.
Juice of a pomegranate
1 cup of unflavored yogurt
Sugar to taste (optional)
Some water
To extract the juice of a pomegranate,
1.Cut & open the pomegranate. Remove the seeds from the skin.
2.Put the seeds in a blender & blend until seeds are broken.
3.Place a strainer on a bowl & pour the blended mixture through  the strain .
4.Get the juice as much as possible. Press the remaining pulp on the strainer to get more juice.
After that,
Place pomegranate juice & yogurt together in a blender & blend it.
Add some water if need to make it more thin.
Add sugar if required.
Serve immediately.
Pomegranate stains in anything. So be careful when working with it
Use a clean cloth & squeeze the blended pomegranate pulp through it. In this way, you can take more juice.

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