Recipe for Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder

Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder


I hope this Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder recipe is really helpful for you if you like to make it at home.

Few weeks ago I found that my raw curry powder from Sri Lanka is already finished. I bought a packet of curry powder from a store, but noticed that I cannot get the Sri Lankan flavor by using it. Specially I couldn’t get the aroma which I usually get in my dishes. So I thought of preparing Sri Lankan curry powder at home & here is my mother’s recipe.

Anyway even in Sri Lanka, different recipes & methods are found in preparing curry powder. Those are according to personal choices & provinces we live.

Here is the Sri Lankan curry powder recipe which I received from my mother.


Recipe for Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder

Ingredients (yield about 100g curry powder)

50g Cumin seeds

25g fennel seeds

25g Coriander seeds

2 tbspn  fenugreek seeds

1 tsp cardamom (about 6 nos of cardomom)

1 tsp cloves

1-2 sprigs curry leaves

2 inch piece cinnamon


First wash all the ingredients, drain water .Leave on some paper towels & allow to dry.

Remove skin of the cardomom & use the seeds.
Heat a pan & make curry leaves to dry.Remove and keep aside.

Then roast/toast other all ingredients slightly till you get aroma.

Finally,grind all ingredients including curry leaves to a fine powder. Sieve them to get the fine curry powder & grind the remaining again.

Homemade Sri Lankan curry powder is ready.

Store in an air tight bottle.


Recipe for Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder


Here is my fake recipe to make Sri Lankan curry powder if you really don’t have time to grind them & if you reside in another country. I tried this method after my first batch of homemade curry powder was finished. & taste was ok.

You can buy Cumin seeds powder, coriander powder & fennel seeds powder from an Indian store.Mix them proportionally as above. Slightly roast the mix & sieve. So they will mix well. Store in an air tight bottle. However remember to add cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon & curry leaves while you cook.

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