Spicy Curry Rice

This is not that famous Singapore Curry Rice. Instead I came up with my own curried rice recipe when I wanted to cook one pot meal. These days my cooking is limited to few dishes. If you look for some spicy but still time saving rice recipe, try this. Sure, you’ll like. When I cook this rice, my home is filled with aroma of the spices. Not only that; the spices add flavours to the rice while turmeric gives an appealing look.

Ingredients (serves 2-3)
1 cup long grained white rice
1 onion sliced
1 medium sized carrot, chopped
1 cup of mixed vegetables sliced (cabbage, cauliflower etc)
1-2 green chilies sliced
1 sprig of curry leaves
1 inch piece of lemon grass
2 teaspoons curry powder
½ tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn red chili powder
3-4 cloves
2 pods of cardamom
1 inch piece of cinnamon
Salt as per taste
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon butter/or cooking oil
½ cup thick coconut milk
Chicken stock or water to cook rice
Wash rice and keep on a colander to drain excess water.
Then prepare vegetables, cut, chop accordingly.
 Heat butter/ oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
When it is hot, add the onion and garlic. When onions are tender, add cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.
Then add curry leaves and lemon grass. Mix well. After that, add carrot and other mix of vegetables together with green chili. Allow to cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are soft.
 Add curry powder, turmeric powder and chili powder and mix well until fragrant till 1- 2 minutes.
Then add the rice. Mix well and fry for few minutes until all are combined and mix together.
After that, add Chicken stock or water enough to cook rice, and ½ teaspoon salt.
Cook rice. At this stage, I usually transfer rice into rice cooker and cook rice there. But still, it is easy to cook in the same pot.
Once rice is cooked, add thick coconut milk. Mix well and cook for another few minutes.
Add some deep fried sliced onion to more taste.(optional)
It is ready to serve!
Spicy Curry Rice