Lamprais is a Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher cuisine, but nowadays it is not easy to find even the correct recipe. May be because of inconvenience of preparing it, it has slightly modified. We can see many type of lamprais are selling in outlets named chicken lamprais, mutton, egg etc…But there are no such varieties for Lamprais. Even I saw Lamprais recipe with adding turmeric to the rice in a website sharing Sri Lankan recipes.But as I know Lamprais is not a dish similar to yellow rice dish.
Anyway I have searched for the recipe a lot. & found this as the original recipe. If you find there is a difference from the original recipe, kindly let me know. Because this is one of the best Sri Lankan recipes & it is better if we can share the correct recipe with future generation.
Here I am sharing the original recipe as I recieved.However when preparing it,I have used Chicken instead of all type of meats given in the recipe.Also I found that the quantity of chilly is high as per my taste.So in my cooking,I have adjusted chilli & Salt as per my taste.
An authentic lamprais will always include only the following dishes:
1. Lamprais Curry
2. Frikkadels
3. Brinjal (Egg fruit)) paella
4. Chilli & Onion sambol
5. Prawn blachang
6. Ash Plantain fries
7. The Rice
Now when reading the above list,the feeling is that we have to prepare a lot of new dishes & it takes a long time,isnt it?Even I thought so.However I only spent less than 2 hours to complete the Lamprais meal.Simply we can substitute the meal with Chicken curry,cutlets,Brinjal moju,Lunumiris with green chili,Chilli paste,Ash plantain fries & the cooked rice.
Here are the recipes for each items.Remember,you can change some meats & also spices as per availability & the choice.
1.Lamprais curry

Instead of all meat given in the above authentic recipe ,I prepared a chicken curry & this is how it came.


I didnt use beef,instead I used minced chicken & it came out nicely & tasty.

3.Brinjal Paella
Here is the recipe.

 4.Chilli & Onion sambol

I think this is very common in Sri Lankan cuisine.Simply it is a kind of  ‘lunu miris with green chili.
Here is the recipe.

This is the picture of it.

5.Prawn blachan

Simply this is similar to chili paste which we prepare with prawns.And you can store this in a container in a fridge for few weeks.
Here is the recipe.

6.Ash Plantain fries

7.The Rice

Final step : Wrapping & baking lamprais

Now all the dishes are cooked & ready for the final step of preparing lamprais.

This is the instructions  for the final step.Anyway I didnt add onion & chilli sambol for the wrapping.I guess it is tasty when it is fresh.

Now lampraise is wrapped in banana leaf & ready to bake.

Appearence after removing from the oven.
After a long process, Lamprais is now ready to serve.Remember to add some onion sambol before serve.

Hope you will enjoy preparing this super delicious meal,and I appreciate to see your comments related with this recipe.(here or in my facebook page)

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