Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style
Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style


Caramel Pudding is a very popular dessert in Sri Lanka. But, it is not purely Sri Lankan. This is an easy dessert popular among most people around the world. Even it has different names like cream Caramel, Caramel Flan, Custard Pudding or Caramel Pudding. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for Caramel Pudding. Most recipes require 5 eggs for the same ingredients and quantities. However, I used only 3 eggs, also I didn’t use water. For the custard, I added sugar, you can remove it if it is too sweet. Anyway I am not a big fan of sweet treats. Still I didn’t feel this pudding is too sweet. I really don’t like to try desserts when I feel that I have to wash a lot of utensils or when I am unsure of achieving the best appearance and taste. For the below recipe, I am sure even a kid can achieve a good tasting Caramel Pudding without much effort.

Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style
Caramel Pudding-using steamer
Caramel Pudding can be made in oven or even in a microwave. But I want to share the method with steamer. This is really easy. No fail. And almost all have a steamer in their kitchen.
I know there are lot of Food Corner fans who are males work outside Sri Lanka and away from the family. They are with least gadgets in the kitchen as their aim is to go back to Sri Lanka after few years of working. This recipe may be a good treat for them.
Even if you don’t have a steamer, still there is a method. Read the notes at the end of the recipe.
Caramel Pudding-in steamer

Now here is the recipe for Caramel Pudding, the Sri Lankan Style!

Ingredients 🙁 for about 6-8 servings/enough for a 7cm dia. baking pan)

for caramel:
40g sugar
1 tsp water

for the custard filling:
3 eggs
1 tin sweetened condensed milk(370 g)
60g sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
Step1-make caramelized sugar  base
Combine sugar and water in a saucepan and heat it.Keep watching and swirl until sugar is melted.


When it is dark brown turn off the heat.Remember,not to heat much as it will cause the caramel bitter in taste.Remove from heat when it is brown.Also no need to use a spoon and stir. Just tilt the pan and mix sugar.If you use a spoon,sugar will recrystallize and will be sticky on the spoon.
Then pour this caramelized sugar into a pudding mould or cups.I used a 7cm diameter baking pan for the above quantity.After poured the caramel into pan,rotate the pan and allow the caramel to spread over the bottom of the pan.Keep aside to cool

Step 2:Make the custard filling

Before making the custard,pour water into the pot of steamer.Allow to boil water till we prepare the mix.

In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs until combined.However make sure not to make foamy.


Add sugar and  Dissolve. then gradually add milk.Mix well. Strain through a strainer to make it smooth.




Now pour the egg mixture into the caramel coated mould.
Step 3:Steam the custard/caramel pudding
Place the pudding mix in the steamer.
Close with lid. Steam for  20 minutes.
After 20 minutes, press the pudding gently .The pudding is done when the top is firm when pressed.
Stop/switch off the heat. Allow another 5 minutes to steam with the remaining heat (after switching off)
Step 4:Removing the pudding
I used a tooth pick and insert it through the edges and removed the pudding from the baking pan.Before serving, place a plate over the mould.hold firmly and turn over gently. The pudding will turn over onto the plate with caramel side up!
Now pour some of the remaining caramel over the pudding and serve it.
Ok,now you will ask me where is the poured caramel in my pudding! 🙂 I didn’t pour it.I made this in day time but wanted to taste when my husband is at home. So,I didn’t pour the caramel when I took photos as I didn’t want to make it difficult to wash the serving plate.But,you can do of course! 🙂
Caramel Pudding-using steamer

Without using a steamer,you can steam the Caramel Pudding in a pan.
You need a pan with a lid which is bigger than the pudding mould.
Place a dish towel/piece of cloth in bottom of the pan. By this you can gently steam the Puddings.Cover the pudding mould using an aluminum foil. Then place the pudding mould on pan. Slowly add hot water to the pan just about a half-inch from the bottom of the pan. Cover with the lid. Then cook on low for 20-25 minutes.I prepared another Sri Lankan pudding-Watalappan using this method.Please have a look.
Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style

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