These matcha tea popsicles are a great way to entertain kids during a hot day. Recently we tried and reviewed some samples of My Matcha Tea. When I was preparing a cup of tea with My Matcha Tea, my son showed interest on it. Finally I decided to make some popsicles for him including matcha tea as an ingredient.

However, as he is still a toddler, I wanted to make the popsicles with some sweet taste. But, there is no added sweetener or sugar. Instead fresh milk, yogurt and banana added flavor to the Popsicle which my son loved eating.

Matcha Tea Popsicles

Matcha Tea Popsicles

Is Matcha Tea good for kids?

Introducing some food at younger stage should be done with care. So, I searched about matcha tea benefits for toddlers and kids before giving him.

When introducing tea for kids, the issue is the caffeine level. Anyway, I already introduced him black tea and he drinks black tea with much interest. When considering the healthy benefits of matcha tea such as rich in antioxidants and amino acid, there shouldn’t have any problem in introducing matcha tea for kids. However, I think all these should be in moderately. Then there cannot be any harm.

Other benefits of matcha tea for kids include improved concentration, healthier heart and prevention of cold and flu.

Keeping in mind all these benefits of matcha tea, I prepared some Matcha Tea popsicles for our son and those were really delicious and flavourful. Interestingly my kid joined with the preparation and he enjoyed it. Now he knows how to make Popsicles and we could spend some time together in the kitchen.

If you look for recipes which are suitable for kids to learn cooking, then try popsicles. It is really easy, fun and creative way of making kids happy!

Matcha Tea Popsicles with Yogurt


1 tspn Matcha Tea (I used My Matcha Tea)

1 cup of hot water

1 cup fresh milk

1 banana

4 tbspn strawberry yogurt

Few pieces of mango

1 cup of water


First make a cup of matcha tea using 1 tspn Matcha tea powder and hot water. Then strain it.

In a blender mix all the mentioned ingredients including 1 cup of water till it become smooth.

Pour the mix into Popsicle moulds.This is where a kid can involve in the making of popsicles.

Freeze the popsicles till set. (Usually around 1 hour or more)

Matcha Tea popsicles are ready!

Matcha Tea Popsicles

Matcha Tea Popsicles

With banana and yogurt, these popsicles don’t look green as some matcha tea popsicles which you find over the web. There is a reason. I didn’t add a dark cup of matcha tea, instead I used 1 tspn of Matcha tea as an added flavor. The taste is great and good for kids.

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Matcha Tea Popsicles

Matcha Tea Popsicles