Purple Cabbage Rice
Purple Cabbage Rice

These days one pot meals are very popular at our home. We prefer to eat rice at least for one meal, I cook different rice recipes by adding more vegetables into it. To change the taste, I adjust the quantities of each vegetable and try to get different flavors and tastes.
Purple cabbage or red cabbage is another vegetable with a good amount of nutrients and vitamins. Sometimes I use purple cabbage in a salad. If not, the easiest way is to use it in a fried rice to get a colourful and healthy meal.

Purple Cabbage Fried Rice

Hope you like this recipe. Please let me know if you try it at home.
Ingredients (For 2 servings)
2 Cups Cooked rice (leftover rice can be used)
1 cup Sliced Purple Cabbage
1 cup of mix vegetables (carrot,leek,capsicum etc)
1-2 Green chilis
1 onion sliced
2 tspn Soya sauce
1 tspn of red chili powder
1 sprig curry leaves
Butter or ghee for frying
1 tbspn Ginger Garlic paste
Salt as per taste
Heat butter or ghee in a pan, When it is hot,add ginger garlic paste.
Then add curry leaves, sliced onion and fry until onions are tender.
Then add sliced purple cabbage,green chili and other vegetables. Fry for few minutes.
Once vegetables are tender, add chilli powder. Add a pinch of salt. Be careful with salt as we add soy sauce too.
Add soy sauce and cook for another few minutes.
Now add cooked rice into it. Mix well and fry for few minutes until all are mixed well.
Serve hot  & enjoy!!